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May 21 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: One Big 'ClusterScrew' - An Overview Of The US "Intelligence" Community's Culture And The DNI

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Cabale News ServiceMay 21 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: One Big 'ClusterScrew' - An Overview Of The US "Intelligence" Community's Culture And The DNI

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In The News:
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The Finance Reform Bill has passed the Senate two years after Wall Street melted down. Now the bill goes to conference committee for 'modifications' just ahead of the Memorial Day recess. The Senate also passed unemployment benefit legislation.

The Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair is out after 16 months after much criticism that he's done nothing to increase "security' of the nation, and friction-from-the-start with the CIA's director Leon Panetta. Stopping our global warmongering would be a good place to start the process of increasing the national security for the long run.

The gusher of oil into the Gulf of Mexico from the BP/Horizon drilling platform disaster is now being estimated to be 100 times as large as previously thought. Oil IS washing up on the Gulf coastal islands.

Globalization IS a double edged sword... Things went wrong yesterday as rumors about Greece and Portugal's economies and the Euro caused the US markets to drop 376 points.

"Good news" on the environmental front - New fuel efficiency standards have been introduced by the White House. Also, NUMMI/Toyota and Tesla electric have reached a deal to produce electric cars at NUMMI's recently closed SF BAy area plant. The deal will also allow for the employment of 1000 people, at least until the Neodymium (motor magnets) and Lithium (batteries) supplies run out.

A note on Neodymium:
Neodymium is never found in nature as the free element; rather, it occurs in ores such as monazite and bastnäsite that contain small amounts of all the rare earth metals. The main mining areas are China, United States, Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and Australia; and reserves of neodymium are estimated at about 8 million tonnes [In Full]
It currently(sic)takes 2.2 pounds of Neodymium per Prius... If my calculations are correct, that means there is supply for 8 million electric cars... Considering the number of cars in use on the planet, there will be an insignificant amount of E-cars produced before the supply of Neodymium and many of the other materials needed to produce these vehicles runs out.

...and that's only if Americans don't mind having a big ugly pit mine in THEIR collective backyard.

[After the commentary, Eddy Grant gets an invitation to a different kind of party. Courtesy of the respective artists.]


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