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May 18 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Meanful Moment Or Open Season? A Primer On The Spring 2010 U.S. National Primaries

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Cabale News ServiceMay 18 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Meanful Moment Or Open Season? A Primer On The Spring 2010 U.S. National Primaries

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In The News:
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Is America fed up? Four states, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Kentucky have their primary elections today even as Connecticut senator Chris Dodd, the author of the Senate Finance Bill, announces his retirement and the expected replacement Connecticut Attorney General stands down because he 'elaborated about is Vietnam war record. More, and more on the Senate Finance Bill, where a vote is expected by the end of the week

The US Supreme Court makes two rulings: Sex predators CAN be held past their prison term, and juveniles not involved in homicide cannot be given a sentence of 'Life Without Parole'.

Tarballs are floating ashore on Key West Florida. They say it's unrelated to the BP/Deepwater/Horizon spill but the balls are being tested even as day 29 of the Deepwater Horizon spill commences.

On that note, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society announces it's intent to assist with the oil spill cleanup and puts out the call for all available civilian maritime assistance.
Gulf Rescue Campaign

Sea Shepherd announces campaign to save marine wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico

The British Petroleum (BP) deep-sea oil breach in the Gulf of Mexico is turning into the largest and most destructive oil spill in history. It is a priority emergency and a massive assault on a major marine ecosystem. While BP may be morally and legally responsible for causing this disaster, it is impractical and unwise to leave the rescue of all marine life in the Gulf to a private corporation. We all need to come together to address this, and we need to do it quickly.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is calling upon all able organizations to join us in sending vessels with trained crew to support large-scale efforts in the Gulf of Mexico to rescue oiled sea birds, turtles, and other marine species. Together we have the resources, skills, experience, and passion to make a huge difference in the number of lives and species that can be saved from this disastrous oil spill. We can provide the offshore facilities needed to complement onshore rescue efforts for the finding, capture, treatment, and transport of marine animals viable for rescue.
Our ships and dedicated volunteers have accomplished amazing feats through the years, but this disaster in the Gulf needs more than we alone can give. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is appealing for cooperation and assistance from additional nonprofit organizations, governments, corporations, and all concerned individuals... [In Full]

A NATO convoy is hit in Afghanistan killing 5 US soldiers on their way to Kandahar, where there are rumors that negotiations are in progress to prevent a Western military assault on the Province and city.

More from Foreign Policy Magazine:
Kabul car bombing kills at least 18, including 5 U.S. troops

In the worst attack in Kabul in recent weeks, a suicide bomber drove his car into a U.S. military convoy and detonated his payload on Tuesday morning. The attack killed at least 18 people -- twelve Afghans and six troops from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), including 5 American soldiers. The nationality of the sixth soldier has yet to be confirmed. The blast occurred on a crowded thoroughfare during rush-hour traffic. Many of the Afghan casualties occurred aboard a public bus caught in the blast. Approximately 50 people were also injured in the attack.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed responsibility for the attack in a phone call with the Associated Press... [In Full]
For anyone who needs a visual on this... The Alabama 3, Vietnamistan:

Also from Foreign Policy magazine today, an American missionary was convicted of attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti in the aftermath of January's earthquake, and sentenced to time already served, and Portugal's president is poised to sign a law legalizing same-sex marriage.

A little bit more... Prescience about the root cause of the BP/Horizon oil spill.

Dmitry Orlov was apparently right recently when he compared the root cause of the BP/Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to Chernobyl, and BP management to Soviet Apparatchik: "It will be interesting to see whether the Deepwater Horizon disaster, like the Chernobyl disaster before it, turns out to be the direct result of management decisions made by technical incompetents."
The Chernobyl disaster was caused more or less directly by political appointeesm: the people in charge of the reactor control room had no background in nuclear reactor operations or nuclear chemistry, having got their jobs through the Communist Party. They attempted a dangerous experiment, executed it incompetently, and the result was an explosion and a meltdown.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster will perhaps be found to have similar causes. BP, the owner of Deepwater Horizon, is chaired by one Carl-Henric Svanberg—a man with no experience in the oil industry. The people who serve on the boards of directors of large companies tend to see management as a sort of free-floating skill, unrelated to any specific field or industry, rather similarly to how the Soviet Communist party thought of and tried to use the talents of its cadres.

Allegations are already circulating that BP drilled to a depth of 25000 feet while being licensed to drill up to 18000 feet, that safety reviews of technical documents had been bypassed, and that key pieces of safety equipment were not installed in order to contain costs. It will be interesting to see whether the Deepwater Horizon disaster, like the Chernobyl disaster before it, turns out to be the direct result of management decisions made by technical incompetents.
[In Full]
From Crooks and Liars/WSJ:
"About 11 hours before the Deepwater Horizon exploded, a disagreement took place between the top manager for oil giant BP PLC on the drilling rig and his counterpart for the rig's owner, Transocean Ltd., concerning the final steps in shutting down the nearly completed well, according to a worker's sworn statement." [In Full]


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