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May 17 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Anything Worth Doing Is Fun Three Or Four Times - Public Events As A Growing Cancer

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Cabale News ServiceMay 17 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Anything Worth Doing Is Fun Three Or Four Times - Public Events As A Growing Cancer Of Modern Society

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In The News:
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Just because it's pretty and bug-free doesn't mean it's healthy! A new study say the epidemic rise in ADHD may be due to (organophosphate) pesticide laden produce. The details, from (top of right sidebar for the full text)

Sixty plus people have been killed in running street battles between protesters and government forces in Bangkok Thailand. A truce has been rejected and there's an emergency declaration in the Northern provinces to prevent more people from migrating to the capital city. Details.

In Mogadishu Somalia, the Western installed government tried to assemble their parliament. It was hit by mortar fire. There are twenty nine known dead and over 60 wounded. There was return fire from the AU troops, into the local neighborhoods, undoubtedly killing a number of what passes for the civilian population' of Mogadishu.

The Icelandic volcano is still causing major air traffic disruptions across Europe.

British Petroleum has managed to put a 'sipping straw' into one of the leaking pipes at the Deepwater/Horizon drilling platform/sunken toxic wreckage, diminishing the amount of oil spilled... and everyone on the planet who has a product to manage oil spills is in the region peddling their products.

In Sacramento California this past Friday Governor Schwarzenegger puts his new budget into legislative play, and it's going to hit social services and the poor hardest... Natch.

There ARE a few more thing that need to be mentioned

In local news for Santa Cruz, the public's right to use open space is under assault.

The "Guerrilla Drive-in"... Movies for free shown in various open spaces round town, is under attack:

The Santa Cruz Farmers Market Drum Circle has been forced to move repeatedly, officers cite a 'complaint' at every location in the Downtown area despite hundreds in attendance who would prefer the music play on.

From the Santa Cruz SENILE... Caveat Emptor!

The members of VFW Post #5888, US military Veterans, have been displaced from their county-owned meeting hall at the top of the city's shopping district under the shakiest of (seismic... contested) circumstances.

Again, via the SENILE.

Meanwhile.. Jim Kunstler @ Clusterfuck Nation wants to discuss SOMETHING that happened last week...
Something snapped in the world last week and a lot of people around the world sensed it -- especially in the organs of news and opinion -- but this ominous twang was not very clearly identified. It was, in fact, the sound of the financial becoming political. The macro-swindle of a worldwide Ponzi orgy now stands revealed and the vacuum left in its place is about to suck everything familiar into it -- standards-of-living, hopes, dreams, not to mention lives. The political action will be a desperate scramble to determine who and what is able to escape getting sucked into this black hole of annihilation. It's very suddenly shaping up to become an epic in human history.

Meanwhile, a giant oil blob lies quivering in deep waters off the Gulf coast, like some awful amorphous Moby Dick full of malice waiting to sink Pequod America -- or at least the economies of five states. A few months from now, the BP corporation will wonder why it didn't go into something safe and predictable like the pants business instead of oil exploration. They will surely question the viability of conducting future business anywhere near the USA, and the USA will enter a wilderness of soul-searching about the drill-baby-drill strategy that only a few scant weeks ago seemed to be a settled matter. Tough to have your future hoped-for energy supplies evaporate at the same time that your hopes for future prosperity get sucked into a black hole... [In Full]

...and last but CERTAINLY not least, Jesus' General (The general IS NOT a homosexual!):

Monday, May 17, 2010
First the presidency, now Miss USA

Patriots at the Free Republic reveal that Miss USA, Rima Fakih, is a secret-Muslim Hezbollah princess from "Hezbollah stronghold of Srifa in South Lebanon," and not, as the Muslim-controlled media reports, a native-born American like Sarah Palin.

It's the Obama birth cover-up all over again!

Here's what they have to say...


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