Tuesday, January 12, 2010

On The "Cutting-Edge" - "A Breakthrough Of Buttock-Clenching Importance" - Vasectomy By Robot


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This is state-of-the-art stuff, it’s cutting-edge,

Controversy rages over robot vasectomy reversal in Florida

Medical boffins in Florida have announced a breakthrough of buttock-clenching importance: Surgical robots have apparently broken the world speed record for reversing vasectomies.

“This is state-of-the-art stuff, it’s cutting-edge,” says Dr Wayne Kuang, director of Male Reproductive Health at the University of New Mexico, commenting on the developments in Florida. “It’s a natural progression from back in the days when we just had magnified eyeglasses,” he adds, puzzlingly for those - like us - who were unaware that manual snip repair is normally carried out by a surgeon using a microscope so that he can correctly identify "the microscopic tubes involved".

According to a statement issued by the University of Florida... [In Full]

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