Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Resolution... "Keep Perspective": *Terrorism Still Less Deadly in US Than Lack of Health Insurance*

H/t to Firedoglake
"Since we still seem to be having a national freakout over some loser who got on a plane with a bomb in his underwear, which was apparently worthy of a presidential address, it might be a good idea to put the actual danger posed by terrorist attacks in some numerical perspective..."
What Terror?


DC42 said...

This is true. My wife passed away last July from metastatic breast cancer. It appears that it was originally discovered way too late. health insurance (and not being aware of programs available to help)to cover the costs of the initial tests. In the land of milk and honey there has to be a better way.

Da' Buffalo Amongst Wolves said...

My teeth have been bad since my 30s (56 now) and I'll have to wait for them to become a medical problem before it will be covered by any government insurance. By then, I'll be malnourished and my facial bone structure will have likely been damaged as well.