Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In Antarctica Sometimes Things Aren't Quite What They Seem: "Another Whaling Ship Arrives..."(snicker) - Sea Shepherd Communique

Information about the 2010 - 2011 Sea Shepherd Antarctic Anti-Whaling Campaign:
The three Sea Shepherd Ships, Steve Irwin, Bob Barker, and Gojira are ready to head to the Southern Ocean – the only thing missing down there are the whalers!
Has the Japanese Whaling Fleet Surrendered? - Could the whale wars be over? Things are looking very good in that direction! It is December 1st, but the Japanese whaling fleet remains in port. If the fleet left today they would not begin whaling until January, and this delay will certainly see no whales killed during the month of December. ... [read more]

Update January 06 2010:

Japanese Antarctic Whaling Fleet Declares War On Sea Shepherd, Rams/Sinks Ady Gil

Ady Gil 3"According to a reported statement by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a Japanese vessel alongside the Nisshin Maru whaler slammed into the activists' high-tech speed boat, the Ady Gil, slicing off a piece of it. Reports said the boat is unsalvageable. The six member crew (five from New Zealand and one from the Netherlands) were rescued by another Society Vessel (the Bob Barker), reports said." [In Full]

Further, according to the news release by Sea Shepherd "...in an unprovoked attack captured on film, the Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No. 2 deliberately rammed...".

YOU Decide...

See the related videos for more footage

Sea Shepherd Vessel Bob Barker"The 1,200-ton Norwegian built Antarctic harpoon vessel caught up with the Japanese whaling fleet at 0300 Hours on Wednesday, January 6th, in the area of Commonwealth Bay off the Adelie Coast at 143 Degrees 17 Minutes East and 66 Degrees 43 Minutes South. The Norwegian flag cracked in the chill Antarctic air as the silhouette of the whaler gave every indication that the ship was sent to support the Japanese whalers.

The Japanese could be forgiven for thinking that the pro-whaling Norwegians had sent a ship to support their illegal whaling activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

But any excitement turned to disappointment quickly as the Norwegian flag was hauled down and the black and white skull with crossed Trident and Shepherd’s crook was raised to announce the arrival of the Bob Barker, the latest ship acquired for the Sea Shepherd ocean defense fleet.

Thanks to a $5,000,000 contribution from American television personality and icon Bob Barker, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was able to quietly purchase and refit the former Norwegian whaler in Africa. The ice strengthened fast chaser boat quietly departed from Mauritius on December 18th to join up with the Sea Shepherd ships Steve Irwin and Ady Gil in the Southern Ocean.

Barker has also funded the cost of a helicopter that will accompany the society’s ships. The aircraft is named The Nancy Burnet after the president of United Activists for Animal Rights, an organization Barker also supports. This new helicopter will participate in future campaigns." [In Full]

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