Saturday, November 7, 2009

A recommended reading list for the 'too cool', the 'tragically hip' and the 'historically blank'

Containing the full text of such classics as:

The American Revolution: Pages From a Negro Worker's Notebook by James Boggs

Die Nigger Die: A Political Autobiography by H. Rap Brown

From The Narrative Of The Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass

From A People's History of The United States by Howard Zinn

The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson

From Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky

From The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Black History by Gil Scott-Heron

Malcolm X on Afro-American History

Worse Than Slavery by David M. Oshinsky

An Open Letter to My Sister, Angela Y. Davis by James Baldwin

Political Prisoners, Prisons, and Black Liberation by Angela Y. Davis

The Convict Lease System by Frederick Douglass

Slavery and Prison — Understanding the Connections by Kim Gilmore

Lynch Law By Ida B. Wells

The Demand For Order And The Birth Of Modern Policing by Kristian Williams

Social Insecurity: The Transformation of American Criminal Justice, 1965-2000 by Anthony Platt

Remembering the Real Dragon: An Interview with George Jackson, An interview by Karen Wald

Soledad Brother: The Prison Letters of George Jackson NEW

Prison Nation by Sasha Abramsky

...and more...


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