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September 29 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Afghanistan IS Like Vietnam - Our Post-Colonial Wars On Their Nations, People, And Culture

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 29 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Afghanistan IS Like Vietnam - Comparing Our Post-Colonial Wars On Their Nations, People, And Cultures

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In The News: Maybe they'll speak more kindly of us if we send them ALL to Palau? In an attempt to close Guantanamo military concentration camp by the January deadline the US is preparing to release 75 more inmates and torture victims, most or all of whom had done absolutely nothing, and will most likely be interviewed globally in regard to their 'treatment'. (On the other hand, the Obama administration has reaffirmed it's 'right' to INDEFINITLY detain suspects)

In Pebble Beach, a wealthy enclave on the Monterey Bay of California that surpasses what one would normally call a gated community (a 'gated town' if you would) A mansion being rented (A RENTER!) has experienced a 27 million dollar art theft Van Goghs, Jackson Pollacks, Mattise. It's notable that these types of artworks are too well known to move on the black market... The insurance companies will most likely pay... But a "Renter" in Pebble Beach? Really! There goes the neighborhood!

Like Watching your sausage being made - Senator Chuck Grassley of the Senate Finance Committee, who opposes a 'public option' has stalled the health care bill by pushing his amendment to equalize the pay scales of rural and urban doctors (in reality, a good idea, but are his motivations as good?) before the Heath Care bill moves forward. The 'Rockefeller Plan' public option and Charles Schumer's plan are also on the grill. Hopefully, expect some movement by Thursday.

Moammar Khadafy of Libya and Venezuela's Hugo Chavez are working on a new military and economic cooperation organization (SATO?), the South Atlantic Treaty Organization. Brazil and Argentina are likely candidates as neither nation is very happy with US Latin American policy right now... See the next story for Brazil's 'bitch'.

Honduras is under internal siege, essentially in a state of martial law, with it's constitution and civil rights suspended along with TV and radio broadcasters being shut down. The Honduran coup leaders have threatened to "Shut Down" the Brazilian embassy where the legitimate president of Honduras is ensconced, to which "Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva responded, saying that his government "doesn't accept ultimatums from coup-plotters". Expect short lived mayhem and a thoroughly neutered US presence in Latin America if the OAS and the Brazilians assemble a peacekeeping force to...umn... neutralize the coup regime. Brazil is 'laying low' for now and simply calling for a restoration of President Zelaya. Also, the European Union is exploring nullifying Honduran diplomatic visas until resolution of the crisis.

However... There now appears to be internal dissension within the coup government. The Honduran 'congress' has called in the Michelletti government to back off the media and constitutional suspensions, and says that may happen by the end of the week ("Michelletti is claiming that many liberties will be restored by the end of this week...")

As if it isn't bad enough already, Iraq is experiencing a drought causing half the crops in the country to fail, further decimating their non-oil producing export sector. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers and their dams are precariously low with Turkey, originally saying it couldn't, relenting and now says it WILL deliver more water to Iraq (and Syria). Iraq is already importing half it's food and the drought is taking it's toll on other national resources and cultural heritage as well. (see: Iraq's drought: Eden drying out, The Garden of Eden is in danger of turning into a dustbowl and "Iraq's marshes are dying a second death, Drought, not Saddam Hussein, is the culprit this time in the area some consider the cradle of civilization."


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