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September 23 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Will They 'Ban The Bomb'? One Can Hope There Will FINALLY Be A Historic Moment At The U.N.

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 23 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Will They 'Ban The Bomb'? One Can Hope There Will FINALLY Be A Historic Moment At The U.N. Today

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In The News: Yesterday president Obama addressed the UN on global warming but today he'll make his official opening day speech and it will mostly be focused on global economics, that double-edged sword of interactions between national economies we so very recently witnessed with the 'global market meltdown'. His talk will be followed by Moammar Khadafy of Libya, sometimes America's boogeyman, sometimes Chevron's best buddy, and currently having trouble getting permission to pitch his tent... Literally.

Ninety one years old Senator Robert Byrd (D) of West Virginia has taken a fall and it may be due to an ongoing infection with an elevated white blood-cell count. He's the 60th Democratic vote in the chamber, assuming Massachusetts governor appoints another Democrat to replace Edward Kennedy, and if Byrd can't return to his senate seat or passes, then the Democrat's filibuster-proof majority passes too.

The next big congressional battle... The renewal of the "Patriot Act". A couple of the acts huge number of police-state like provisions up for renewal include the need for wiretap and evidence warrants. For instance, as Senator Patrick Leahy put it, a provision that "would require the FBI to include a statement of facts articulating why the information it is seeking it is relevant to an authorized investigation.".

We WOULD like our federal criminal investigation to collect material relevant to the crime in question, wouldn't we?

The Honduran coup leader Roberto Micheletti wants the Brazilian government to hand over elected president Manuel Zelaya, currently a guest of the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa, on a warrant from the coup's supreme court, and has asked the UN for a security council session on that subject.

Meanwhile, the citizens of Hoduras are getting a little edgy.

The Washington Post Headlines:

Tensions Rise In Honduras Over Coup
Violence Feared as Ousted President And De Facto Leader Refuse to Buckle
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In light of the commentary, PakAlert Press has a number of scenarios that may come to pass someday that could start a nuclear war:
Escalation Scenarios: The Third World War and Its Aftermath

A world nuclear war is one that involves most or all nuclear powers releasing a large proportion of their nuclear weapons at targets in nuclear, and perhaps non-nuclear, states. Such a war could be initiated accidentally, aggressively or pre-emptively and could continue and spread through these means or by retaliation by a party attacked by nuclear weapons. While some speak of “limited nuclear war,” it is likely that any nuclear war will quickly escalate and spiral out of control because of the “use them or loose them” strategy. If you don’t use all your nuclear weapons you are likely to have them destroyed by the enemy’s nuclear weapons.

Such a war could start through a reaction to terrorist attacks, or through the need to protect against overwhelming military opposition, or through the use of small battle field tactical nuclear weapons meant to destroy hardened targets. It might quickly move on to the use of strategic nuclear weapons delivered by short-range or inter-continental missile or long-range bomber. These could deliver high altitude bursts whose electromagnetic pulse knocks out electrical circuits for hundreds of square miles. Or they could deliver nuclear bombs to destroys nuclear and/or non-nuclear military facilities, nuclear power plants, important industrial sites and cities. Or it could skip all those steps and start through the accidental or reckless use of strategic weapons.

Below are seven scenarios by which world nuclear war could come about. While these are some of the major scenarios and combination of attacks and retaliations, they are hardly exhaustive. U.S., Russian and other nuclear nations’ weapons strategizers deal with these scenarios every day but rarely let mere citizens in on their grizzly thinking. Citizens must end their denial and become aware of such scenarios.


Accidental: Since the United States and Russia have “launch on warning” systems that send off rockets before it is confirmed a nuclear attack is underway, any tensions between them can lead to massive nuclear war within thirty minutes of a warning — no matter how false the warning may be.

Aggressive: One or more nations decides to use weapons against nuclear or non-nuclear nations in order to promote an economic, political or military goal, as part of an ongoing war or as a first strike nuclear attack. (The state , of course, may claim it is a pre-emptive, retaliatory or even accidental attack.)

Pre-emptive: One or more nations believes (correctly or incorrectly) or claims to believe that another nuclear nation is about to use nuclear weapons against its nuclear, military, industrial or civilian targets and pre-emptively attacks that nation. May result from political or military “brinkmanship.”

Retaliatory: Use of nuclear weapons in response to a nuclear attack — or even a conventional, chemical or biological attack by a non-nuclear nation.


There is a whole body of knowledge and assumptions that is taken into account when putting together scenarios like the below. My bottom line assumption is that any nuclear exchange has an excellent chance of resulting in a series of escalations that will spiral out of control, setting off a round of exchanges among various enemies under a “use it or lose it” philosophy, as well as among the treaty allies of the relevant nuclear powers and their allies. This continues until most of the planets’ 20,000 odd nuclear weapons are exhausted. In making “limited nuclear war” calculations all nations should assume “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Unfortunately, too many strategizers assume they can conduct limited strikes and keep them limited...
[In Full, Illustrated, @ PakAlert Press]

[After the commentary, who wants to die in a Nuclear War? From Adbusters July 2003 issue which included the CD "Live Without Dead Time" (torrent), Sun Ra & His (Celestial) Arkestra]


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