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August 14 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Re-Defining The Relationship Between Ourselves, Our Homes, And The Earth

Last Chance (Lockheed) Fire Update August 16 2009
6PM PDT: 6,843 acres involved - 65% containment

CalFire Map as of August 14 2009 (AM)
CalFire Map 20090814AM
[Click map for large image, link below for current info]

(Note: There is an updated (8/15 AM), smaller map here in JPG format

Last Updated: August 16, 2009 6:00 pm

Date/Time Started: August 12, 2009 7:16 pm
Administrative Unit: CAL FIRE San Mateo - Santa Cruz Unit
County: Santa Cruz County
Location: Bonny Doon area - Smith Drainage
Acres Burned: 6,843 acres
Containment 6,843 acres - 65% containment
Structures Destroyed: 2 outbuildings damaged
Threatened: More than 100 residence are currently threatened in the Swanton and Bonny Doon communities.
Evacuations: As of 3:00 PM, Fire Officials lifted the mandatory evacuation of the Bonny Doon area, allowing the residents to return home with proper ID. Residents should remain diligent and continue to drive safe while both fire and law enforcement equipment will still be working in the area. The possibility of evacuation in Bonny Doon still exists. Approximately 500 residents from Swanton area still remain evacuated.
Injuries: 4
Cause: Under Investigation
Cooperating Agencies: CAL FIRE, Santa Cruz County Sherriff
Total Fire Personnel: 2,165
Engines: 291
Fire crews: 28
Helicopters: 14
Dozers: 31
Water tenders: 21
Costs to date: $ 8.8 million
Major Incident Command Team: CAL FIRE ICT #9

Conditions: Major problems and concerns continue to be the weather, steep terrain and limited access to the fire's perimeter. Conditions continue to be very fluid and may change quickly based on weather factors.

Several road closures are in effect in the fire area and being coordinated by the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs Department and the California Highway Patrol: Empire Grade @ Warnella, Empire Grade @ Ice Cream Grade, Truck Rd Alba Road @ Empire Grade, and Bonny Doon @ Pine Flat

An evacuation center has been established at the Vintage Church at Hwy 1 and Mission. A large animal evacuation center has been set up at the Watsonville fairgrounds and a small animal evacuation center has been established at 7th & Rodriguez.
Phone Numbers (831) 335-0378 (Lockheed Fire Information )

Updates available [Here]

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceAugust 14 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Logging Industry Started It And It's Up To Us To Re-Define It... Re-Defining The Relationship Between Ourselves, Our Homes, And The Earth

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In The News: Dateline Los Angeles: Yesterday the US Secret Service went to question a 'presidential threatener' and it turned into a messy siege at the Los Angeles federal building. Details are still scarce.

President Obama goes to the "Heart of the Beast", Bozeman Montana (really, one of the hipper places in Montana), where he's going to hold a town hall meeting. The "Health Care Resisters" (What's up with that?) intend a show of force then the president goes on to Colorado for another meet-up with the heartland.

The "Death Panel" those nutcases have been talking about turns out to be whether or not doctors will get paid when they have a meeting to tell a patient that they SHOULD REALLY prepare their last will and testament.

The Afghan elections will be rigged and corrupt according to our OWN diplomatic corp, but it will only be, according the Foreign Policy bean counters, 20% corrupt. See this posting for details

Secretary of Defense Gates says winning in Afghanistan will take at least three more years and then 10-15 more to do, what is described and circumscribed by us, as 'Nation-building'. It seems trite to mention it, but they had a nation before we arrived... See this post for details.

The US military has resumed training and equipping the Georgia (Ex-CIS) army because they are going to be the next reinforcements for our military rape of Afghanistan. That alliance is going to make medicated Guinea Pigs and "Crash Test Dummies" out of Georgian soldiers for America's Pharma-Industrial Complex ... See:
Myth, Meth and the Georgian Invasion
Beat the Devil

By Alexander Cockburn

Kirill Benediktov, in his online book on the invasion, reports that these soldiers were equipped--so subsequent searches of bodies and prisoners of war disclosed--not only with NATO-supplied food packages but with sachets of methamphetamine and combat stress pills based on MDMA, aka the active ingredient of Ecstasy. The meth amps up soldiers to kill without mercy, and the MDMA derivative frees them of subsequent debilitating flashbacks and recurring nightmares. Official use of methamphetamine and official testing of MDMA in the US armed forces have been discussed in news stories. [In Full]

The Master of "The Log", Les Paul, passes. He was still pickin' n' grinnin' at 94 years young and running a night club in New York. He didn't just, for all intents and purposes, invent the electric guitar, but was one of the first to develop the technique of recording using multiple tracks. The LA Time has a list of just a few of the musician influenced by him.

The Last Chance Road fire in the hills outside Santa Cruz California continues. CalFire is calling it Five Percent 'contained' with 4,100 acres burned so far.

(This structure is ABSOLUTELY indefensible, with brush and trees nearby. It's unlikely that fire crews will attempt to save it.)
Last Chance Fire SJ Mercury-News Photo
Photo courtesy of the San Jose Mercury News
(Click the image for their article)

The smoke is easily visible from inside the city, 20 miles from the scene.

Da Buffalo posted some other images, a dedication, and a 'soundtrack' yesterday. Click the image above for the posting.

There is a Google Map detailing the fire area available.
Click the map for the full featured version @ GoogleMaps

[After the news, Les Paul & Mary Ford... "Waiting For The Sunrise". Then, after the commentary, Jesse Colin-Young sings about his "Ridgetop" in Marin California, another semi-rural community North of San Francisco which has been very, very lucky in regard to wildfires over the years. All music, and Travus, courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California Earth.]

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