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July 24 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: My 'War'- Keeping Up With The News Media In A Time When Knowledge Is No Longer Power

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 24 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: My 'War'- Keeping Up With The News Media In A Time When Knowledge Is No Longer Power

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In The News: The California state senate held a night session last night and passed a state budget. Whether the assembly will cooperate remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the bleed out of jobs that actually produce anything tangible (AKA Blue-Collar jobs) continues in Da' Buffalo's region, as it has for decades.

(Image/Graph: San Jose Mercury-News... Click for larger image)

(As a thirty year resident of the region, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that NO ONE in a position of power in the state of California or the regional governments has given a flying f*ck about those decades long job losses until recently either).

Where do all the workers go when their jobs go away? Hard to say, but we DO know where the jobs themselves go
Sometimes the jobs moved to Arizona. Sometimes they moved to China. And sometimes, thanks to Silicon Valley's tech prowess and prolific work force, the jobs just went up in a puff of smoke. [In Full, NUMMI just the latest in Silicon Valley's long history of manufacturing job losses]

Expecting a nasty flu season this year, the FDA has tested and approved for distribution 160 million doses of vaccine.

The FBI money-laundering and corruption dragnet in New Jersey yesterday garnered 44 perps including a couple of Rabbis who were peddling black market human kidneys at $160,000 each. See: "'Breathtakingly stupid' defines the 44 caught in the N.J. corruption sting"

The US Senate will not vote on the administration's Health Care Bill before their ill-deserved summer recess.

Justice MAY be done for the Native Americans. A few years back, a federal court ruled that the Department of the Interior DID owe money held in trust for a group of Native Americans stripped of their land which was then leased with the promise of remuneration. The court settled the claim for a seemingly arbitrary DOI calculated amount of $455.6 million despite Native claims of a value closer to $58 billion dollars. Today, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia "vacated both orders and remanded for further proceedings, holding, "that while the district court's analysis of duty and breach are generally correct, the court erred in freeing the Department of the Interior from its burden to make an accounting.".

Expect a recount of the true worth of their land, hopefully sometime before the dominant American culture manages to assimilate the native culture entirely. More from Jurist Paperchase.

After the death of Walter Cronkite, the most trusted newsman in America, Time Magazine asked who's the most trusted newsman today... Jon Stewart, The Daily Show's News Satirist...

See Jon Stewart destroy CNBC's financial 'analyst' Jim Cramer and accuse his show of being little more than an infomercial for investment vehicles
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