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July 21 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Better Than 'Visualizing Whirled Peas'... Imagine 'Taxed and Legal Cannabis'

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 21 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Better Than 'Visualizing Whirled Peas'... Imagine 'Taxed and Legal Cannabis' - If You Live In California You May As Well Get Used To It

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In The News: It's harder than we thought (to destroy Afghanistan & it's culture). The US focus on the now eight year old Afghanistan war has exacted it's toll. This month is shaping up to be the bloodiest on record with 30 killed so far in three weeks. Also note that the citizens of what George Orwell affectionately referred to as 'Airstrip One' are seeing more body bags too... and they aren't liking it: Climbing toll raises British doubts on Afghanistan.

Marine Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl captured by the Taliban has made a video that at least proves he's alive. In Pashtun society it's generally a good thing if you have a prisoner, he's a negotiating chip... or else... the captive could just end up dead.

The Guantanamo Task Force has delayed it's interim report for six months as the authorities attempt to find other detention facilities for the POWs... even as the US government says they WILL close the facility on schedule, by January 2010.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister has briefed the UN and will be at the White House on Thursday. Expect an announcement that the sanctions on Iraq have been lifted... Sanctions such as it "...continues to pay 5 percent of its oil revenues to Kuwait..." It begs the question... Sanctions on who? Why? The sanctions were all based on rumors of WMDs etc which ALL proved to be absolutely false and in many cases fabrications on the part of one of the sanctioning nations... That's US!

There may be an additional 20,000+- US troops heading for Afghanistan over the next three years according to Defense Secretary Gates. In Da' Buffalo's estimation it won't have any effect on the strategic outcome of our invasion except more civilian casualties, more American body bags, and if the Obama administration has any common sense at all, a relatively fresh rear guard defensive force as the US and other Western nations attempt to extricated themselves from the country.

In Sacramento California, the budget battle continues, or perhaps is about to be resolved.

In Oakland California, there will be a mail-in ballot today on four propositions including a sales tax on the marijuana dispensaries in the city. See: "Chronic City: To Tax Pot, Or Not? Oakland Votes Tuesday" at SF Weekly

In news of the NOT-really-so weird, and in relation to today's commentary - Pretty soon, California will be all set for a legal implementation of something done in Winder Georgia, where a local head gave a tech twist to the phrase "Custy Button" ('custy' being the in-vogue term for customer, and the 'button' was always a whimsical hypothetical):
In May, police in Winder, Ga. (pop. 10,200), arrested a marijuana seller with a quite-low-tech delivery system. A wireless doorbell was hidden on a tree in woods alongside a house, and when the buzzer sounded, a bucket was lowered from a second-story window. The buyer put money in, the bucket was raised, and the dope would be sent back down. [In Full]

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