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July 14 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Taking Things *Out* Of The Military Budget For A Change - The F-22 Fighter

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 14 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Taking Things *Out* Of The Military Budget For A Change - The F-22 Fighter... 20 Years In Development And Already Obsolete

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In The News: One of the best thing about the Obama administration's picks for high level positions is that his picks are causing the 'racist right' in congress to reveal itself (See Bill Fisher's "Republicans Tread Cautiously in Sotomayor Hearing") . His Surgeon General pick for instance, a woman of color from Alabama, Dr. Regina Benjamin is expected to cause the same public 'outing' of the congressional cretins that the Sotomayor Supreme Court pick has effected.

The LA Times has her profile:
Profile: Dr. Regina M. Benjamin
Benjamin is Obama's pick for U.S. surgeon general.
July 14, 2009

Age: 52; born 1956 in Mobile, Ala.

Experience: Founder and chief executive, Bayou La Batre Rural Health Clinic, Bayou La Batre, Ala., 1990-present; chairwoman, Federation of State Medical Boards, 2008-09; president, Medical Assn. of the State of Alabama, 2002-03; trustee, American Medical Assn., 1995-98; diplomate, American Board of Family Practice; fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians.

Education: MBA, Tulane University, New Orleans, 1991; residency in family medicine, Medical Center of Central Georgia, Macon, Ga., 1984-87; medical degree, University of Alabama, Birmingham, 1984; bachelor's in chemistry, Xavier University, New Orleans, 1979 [In Full]

The New York Times elaborates:
Regina Marcia Benjamin was born on Oct. 26, 1956, in Alabama, the daughter of a maid. The government helped pay for her medical studies in exchange for a promise to serve the poor for a few years. So she helped build a clinic in a shrimping town about 25 miles south of Mobile, Ala.

When Hurricane Georges sent five feet of water surging into the clinic in 1998, she made house calls until it was rebuilt.

When Hurricane Katrina destroyed the clinic again seven years later, she mortgaged her house to rebuild. And when a fire destroyed the rebuilt clinic the day before it was set to reopen, she sent out appeals across the country for aid to build again.

Stan Wright, Bayou La Batre’s mayor, said Dr. Benjamin had driven a Toyota pickup with mud tires in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to tend to her patients wherever they lay. Mr. Wright is on the clinic’s board of directors. Its finances have been so shaky that it has not been able to pay her for years, he said.

“The clinic owes her over $300,000,” Mr. Wright said.

Audrey Nel Bosarge, a nurse who worked side by side with Dr. Benjamin for 19 years, said Dr. Benjamin routinely made house calls to shut-ins. She has paid for medicines out of her own pocket for some who could not afford them, Ms. Bosarge said.
[In Full]
More about both nominees @ DemocracyNow!

In other Capitol Hill battles, a 5th generation fighter plane which costs $350 million for each one, costs $44,000 an hour to fly, and takes 30 hours maintenance for each hour it spends in the air. Now, despite MASSIVE lobbying for it's funding, Obama says he'll veto the WHOLE 2010 military spending bill if it appears in it. His demand: "Remove $1.75 billion set aside to buy seven additional F-22 fighter"

Japan, under the rule of the LDP for 50 years, loses a large number of local seats in last weeks elections. "Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso says he will dissolve the Lower House of the parliament next week and call an election on August 30."

The Space Shuttle Endeavour launch got scrubbed again yesterday due to weather conditions. NASA will try again Wednesday/Thursday.

Governor Schwarzenegger of California is going on TV with spots pushing his variation of the deadlocked state budget. It begs the question: "WHOSE money is he using for those infomercials?"

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