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July 07 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Our 'War On Drugs' Is Really A 'War On Drug Users' - An Example

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 07 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Our 'War On Drugs' Is Really A 'War On Drug Users' - Sooo... She's On Chemotherapy For Lymphatic Cancer And In Jail For A Couple Of Painkillers And A Few Old Traffic Tickets

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In The News: President Obama is in the second day of talks with Russian leaders attempting to 'reset' our relations with the Russians regarding our respective military postures. So far we've agreed on reducing our missile stocks by 33% and the stocks of nuclear warheads by about 50%, with a target(sic) of 1,000 warheads per nation. The missiles systems intended for installation in Poland and Czechoslovakia are on the backburner for now, as some of the equipment does not work, and there is a general opinion among US war planners that the 'need' to defend Finland from a nuclear attack by the Soviets seems... 'retarded'.

The federal health care plan is a major focus for congress this week. Details.

President Zelaya of Honduras is still trying to return to his country. The the Honduran military has blocked the runways at the airport. It's notable that the US has PLENTY of runway available at their military installations, but we didn't let him use them... He will meet with Secretary of State Clinton this week. Meanwhile, President Obama Explains His Support for Ousted President of Honduras.

The Chinese Uighurs in the middle.

There are riots in the Xinjiang province of China where the Uighurs are a minority, but numerous . 156 people have been killed... mostly Uighurs, and over 1.500 arrested. Apparently they have been used as indentured laborers and a couple of them had been accused of raping a Chinese woman of Han (The dominant clan) extraction, which caused further disturbances. Details.

From Corporate Social Rsponsibility In Asia:
Buried in most reports is the fact that this particular outbreak of rioting has its genesis in a clash between dominant Han Chinese and ethnic minority Uighur workers in a Hong Kong-owned Guangdong toy factory in late June (which was reported in the Hong Kong press; see here, in Chinese only) [In Full]

The money for infrastructure repair via the federal stimulus project is being put to *good* use. $3.9 million dollars is about to be used for the roadsigns telling you that your money is being used for the repairs.

Other news from the KVMR news report @ 0730PDT: Six Americans have been killed in various areas of Afghanistan (The LA Times reports seven).

(What do you suppose this local is thinking? Roll over the image)

The war is spreading, and the US casualty count is rising, as the U.S. miltary contigents are defending the valleys with the Taliban holding the hilltops.

Al Franken is about to be installed as the new Senator from Minnesota, giving the Democrats a rather filibuster proof majority.

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