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July 02 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'It Doesn't Make Any Difference Whose Tank Runs Through Your Rice Paddy'

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJuly 02 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'It Doesn't Make Any Difference Whose Tank Runs Through Your Rice Paddy' - One Grunt's Korean War Wisdom Updated For Iraq, Afghanistan, And Region

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In The News: The State of California is in a fiscal state of emergency which among other things will cause all legislative activity except budget negotiations to cease. State employees are going to get 3 days a week 'off' and many people, including the financially impoverished who receive matching state funds to their federal benefits, will receive IOUs in lieu of $$$

4,000 Marines have been inserted into Helmand province Afghanistan attempting to wrest control of the province back from the Taliban and in East Afghanistan, a new poster boy for why America makes wars... so we can dote and worry over captured US soldiers... Use them as raison d' entre to continue fighting a losing war

The AfPak war is lost, un-winnable, and they're lying about it... Radio Netherlands:
Pakistan is in the middle of a huge offensive against Taliban fighters in the border area with Afghanistan. United States drones are supporting the operation with reconnaissance and bombing flights. The military assumption is that the war in neighbouring Afghanistan will remain unwinnable as long as the Taliban in Pakistan have not been beaten, or at least reined in.

Afghanistan and Pakistan have become one and the same issue - in international political jargon already known by its acronym AfPak. RNW spoke to senior foreign affairs analyst Bernard Hammelburg. [Source]

President of Honduras Zelaya is supposed to return to his country today with a dignitary escort from the OAS, UN, and high officials of Latin American countries including the president of Argentina. The diplomatically isolated sitting government says will arrest him if he returns.

Meanwhile, the Honduran military is looking for an internationally legal "Out": "Leader’s Ouster Not a Coup, Says the Honduran Military"

US-ICE will raid less, audit employee documents more and go after the employers. 524 businesses have been targeted so far (correction, 652).

The Pentagon is taking a new tack in their "don't ask don't tell" GLBT policies and may scrap it after noticing the 'bleed out'. 264 US service people have been discharged since the Obama administration took the reins of the US government because they 'told'.

...and the truth finally 'wills out'.

The Cheney Energy Task Force, outed by JudicialWatch with maps and nomenclature for Iraq's oil infrastructure, had OTHER 'irons on the fire' as well:
'The New Yorker 's Jane Mayer later made another discovery: a secret NSC document dated Feb. 3, 2001 - only two weeks after Bush took office - instructing NSC officials to cooperate with Cheney's task force, which was "melding" two previously unrelated areas of policy: "the review of operational policies towards rogue states" and "actions regarding the capture of new and existing oil and gas fields." [The New Yorker, Feb. 16, 2004] [In Full @ Juan Cole's Informed Comment]

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