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July 01 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: On America's Primary Motivational Factor, FEAR - The "Communist Menace" Revisited

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJuly 01 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Easy To Get Caught Up In The Minutiae But It's Worth Noting That America's Primary Motivational Factor Is FEAR - The "Communist Menace" Revisited

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In The News: Today is the first of July, the end of California's fiscal year. Despite the lack of a budget they all just bailed out last night at the end of the session and headed for an ill-deserved vacation while state employees and recipients of state-matched federal funds for subsistence (SSI etc) will get IOUs. Meanwhile, the federal government is threatening to take control of some California state parks, which ostensibly belong to the people of California, and their elected representatives are losing their heritage via financial negligence.

It's also the 'end' of the US war on Iraq.... right! The total investment? 4325 US soldiers killed, the continual looting of the US treasury at a million dollars an minute (or more) assisting in the destruction of the US economy, the destruction of Iraqi culture and society along with many archeological sites (There's a US military installation on top of the site that the Bible calls "Babylon") and a huge UNCOUNTED numbers of Iraqis killed and wounded.... "We don't DO body counts"... "General" Tommy Franks, an American war criminals said that. He's now a TV 'talking head' who's analysis of the Iraq war is just as criminally negligent and lacking in fact as ever. See the San Francisco Chronicle's "How many Iraqis died? We may never know"

By a tally of 5-0 Al Franken will be the new senator from Minnesota.

The North Korean ship suspected of carrying weapons to... wherever... has reversed course back towards Asia... Possibly towards Vietnam, a nation related to the Koreans by the moniker "Communist" only. The question arises... could the ship simply be a decoy or diversion?

The CIA report on detainee abuse and torture is due out today. Expect the MSM talking heads to tell us that we DID get 'valuable information'... Which in retrospect will only be a reiteration of the 'valuable information' that "Torture derives no valuable information from the tortured". However, the 'waterboardings' will continue until the information improves. See FindLaw, "Obama's New Euphemism"

In Afghanistan we've turned "old friends" into new enemies. A former anti-communist tribal leader from Afghanistan's "Cold War" era (when Osama bin-Hidin' was NATO's best buddy) is rumored to be the new leader of Afghanistan's resistance movement. Meanwhile, civilians in Pakistan are finding out that THEY are the target: Pakistani Taliban leader survives strike (which killed 80... mostly civilians, including children)
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