Monday, June 29, 2009

Not A Photoshop Job... Just A Blatant Forgery - Honduran President Zelaya's "Resignation Letter"

Meanwhile, "Honduras's New Government Vows to Maintain Power" taken illegitimately in a coup led by "School Of The Americas" 'graduate' General Romeo Vasquez even as a "Resolution from the OAS Diplomatically Isolates Honduran Leaders"
One day after the country’s president, Manuel Zelaya, was abruptly awakened, ousted and deported by the army here, hundreds of protesters massed at the presidential offices in an increasingly tense face-off with hundreds of camouflage-clad soldiers carrying riot shields and automatic weapons.
The protesters, many wearing masks and carrying wooden or metal sticks, yelled taunts at the soldiers across the fences ringing the compound and braced for the army to try to dispel them.
One Honduran had this to say about it:
“We’re defending our president,” said one protester, Umberto Guebara, who appeared to be in his 30s. “I’m not afraid. I’d give my life for my country.”

The usual suspect in South of the border coups... The US government is being umm... circumlocutory:
In Washington, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the last senior member of the administration to visit Honduras, just three weeks ago, said that the United States was working toward “full restoration of democratic order (emphasis on 'Weasel words' mine) in Honduras.”

She said that the situation in Honduras “has evolved into a coup.” But when pressed by a reporter, she refused to say explicitly that the United States was demanding that Mr. Zelaya be returned to power, [In full, Protesters Confront Soldiers After Coup in Honduras (NYTimes)]

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