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June 30 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Lets Celebrate 'Iraqi Sovereignty Day' Because The War In Iraq Is Over... Right?

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Cabale News ServiceJune 30 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Lets Celebrate 'Iraqi Sovereignty Day' Because The War In Iraq Is Over... Right? For Us, It MIGHT Be... For The Iraqis, It MIGHT Be More Complicated Than That

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In The News: Early Morning KVMR Stream failure... Bummer. The news this morning brought to you by KPIG radio.

Iraq is KIND OF for Iraqis - Technically US troops are OUT of Iraq's cities (On a more circumspect note, when searched, Google said "Did you mean to search for: US troops are OUT of Iran's cities") today, however US Troops WILL remain in and around the cities of Iraq on 'standby' until 'requested' by Iraqi commanders.

Expect those incidents to be un-reported to the US press, who will most likely NOT be present in any manner where they could physically observe US troop movements themselves, or for that matter be aware of ANY activity by the 132,000 'contractors' (cf. mercenaries) remaining in Iraq. In Da' Buffalo's opinion, the dirtiest part of the Iraq war is just beginning... under the radar, and without press observation, even as the US appears to be withdrawing.

From Foreign Policy In Focus:
Today is the deadline for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraqi cities. But don't expect a great deal to change. "The original intent of moving troops out of the cities was to reduce the U.S. military role and send the message to Iraqis that the United States would be leaving the country soon," write FPIF policy outreach director Erik Leaver and FPIF contributor Daniel Atzmon in A Withdrawal in Name Only. "But troops that are no longer sleeping in the cities will still take part in operations within Iraqi cities; they will serve in 'support' and 'advisory' roles, rather than combat functions. Such 'reclassification' of troops as military trainers is another example of how the United States is circumventing the terms of the SOFA agreement."
[In Full, with information about the Honduran coup as well]

Deposed Honduran president Manuel Zelaya says he will return to Honduras soon. The details of HOW that might occur remains to be seen, but it's liable to be with the direct support of other nations in the region. Will he fly in on Hugo Chavez' presidential plane with massive crowds to meet him and escort him back to his seat of power? It won't be Obama's ride, Air Force One, with US troops escorting him, that's for sure. Hence the Miami Herald (long time supporters for the overthrow of US-hostile governments in Latin America and the Caribbean) headline: "US troops stay put in Honduras; Americans advised to stay inside or get out"

According to reports, a couple of Honduran battalions have had second thoughts already
"'Two infantry battalions of the Honduran Army have risen up against the illegitimate government of Roberto Micheletti in Honduras. They are the Fourth Infantry Battalion in the city of Tela and the Tenth Infantry Battalion in La Ceiba (the second largest city in Honduras), both located in the state of Atlintida (sp?).'" [In Full @ NarcoNews]
Essentially what's happening is the people of Honduras elected Zelaya but the Honduran legislature is still controlled by the oligarchy, who had, if not direct involvement in the coup, vested interest in seeing that Zelaya was removed from power despite his democratic installation as the nation's leader. The military? They tend to come from the working class (at least the 'grunts on the ground' with guns do), not the upper classes, and are always the wild card in any Latin American coup. We are seeing The Venezuelan anti-Chavez coups redux, with OR without US involvement, which at this time is an unknown.

An interesting note on Coups from Foreign Policy

The US-EPA is beginning to inspect coal-fired power plant 'ash dumps' which are causing major downstream contamination and have physically collapsed occasionally, killing people nearby. Most of the high-hazard facilities are in the Southern US. More, and a list of those locations from Facing South

The Obama administration met with gay rights activists yesterday, marking the 40th anniversary of the "Stonewall Riots" in NY, ostensibly the opening volley of the Gay Rights movement in the US... But it was MORE than that.

From Da' Buffalo's own recollections as a 15 year old runaway New York yip Yip YIPPIE! activist who just happened to be living in a rent-controlled apartment (Next to the Ninth Circle coffeehouse) less than 100 yards away when the riots occurred.

The Stonewall bar across from Sheridan Square on Christopher street in New York was not only a well-known gay bar, it was also one of the main organizing sites for the middle-class gay members of the Vietnam anti-war movement (the Drag Queens and wilder elements of the gay community organized out of "The Firehouse", at the time still only one step removed from it's namesake, and a center of action for a number of activities, at times, almost running culturally parallel to Abbie Hoffman's Cooper Square "Free Store", but today, it's simply another gay night club).

Did the police visit because of "Morality" issues? The Stonewall had been there for years, having had few problems with city authorities, or were the police there to simply inform the people present "We KNOW where you organize"?

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