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June 23 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Someday We May Remember That The Change Began With 'Foxes' On The Streets Of Tehran

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Cabale News ServiceJune 23 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Someday We May Remember That The Change Began With 'Foxes' On The Streets Of Tehran - Prepare For The Feminization Of Civilization

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In The News: Things are going to 'fade' or get really serious in Iran as the women take the lead in the protests over the election. 70% of the crowd in the streets of Tehran yesterday were women who had seen or heard about Neda, the woman shown in a news video yesterday, shot through the heart and killed in the street protests [Video] and there are no more planned protests coming up... Prepare for a covert cultural war in the country. More on this in the commentary.

Still more @ InterPress Service:
According to one women’s rights activist, "women were highly active and present in the campaigns of the two reformist candidates as well as in campaign events and rallies. This signifies that women are willing to work toward the election of candidates who take their demands for equality and freedom seriously."

Their presence at the protests following the elections, according to this activist, "is a further sign that women know what is at risk - the right to self-determination - and women are willing to pay the price for a better future for themselves and their children."

While many young women turn out for protests, the presence of older women at these events is also easily observable. One woman in her fifties explained that the main reason she attends protests is to "lend support to the younger generation and to try to prevent any violence targeted at them."

She went on to describe how she was beaten at one protest when she physically intervened and tried to stop the assault of a young man by security agents.

Along these lines, a group of women calling themselves "The Mourning Mothers" issued a call for peaceful protests at Laleh Park at 7:00 on Saturdays, near the area where Neda was killed on Saturday, Jun. 20.

The statement reads: "Based on what sin have you murdered our children? Why have you forced all mothers into mourning?"

The mothers have demanded an end to violence, the prosecution of those who have committed violence, and the release of over 800 persons arrested over the past two weeks. [In Full]
The anti-Islamist Iranian ex-pats living in the US were involved in shipping 40,000 'video pens' to Iranian protesters. The Iranians found out and will be making 'examples' out of anyone found with one.

In Afghanistan, General Petraeus is in the process of rearranging NATO and US forces on the ground to combat an emboldened, increasingly tactic-coordinated Taliban who attacked Bagram AFB just the other day, and over the last few months, other hardened targets around the country.

Five of the Chinese Uighurs are now objecting to their transfer to the tropical island of Palau because Palau has no army to protect them if the Chinese, who consider them extremist separatists, decide to 'snatch' them.

It doesn't sound like much but there are a LOT of zeros involved when converted to currency - The World Bank which recently said the world's economy would be down by 1.7% over the next year or so has restated it's figures... 3%.

...and in the US and by extension OECD countries (market capitalist industrially developed), the unemployment rate is expected to rise above 10%.

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