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June 22 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Twitter Revolution Proves That Governments NO LONGER Control Their Citizens Communications

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJune 22 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Tactical Now, Hopefully Strategic Later - The 'Twitter Revolution'... Proving That Governments NO LONGER Control The Means Of Their Citizens Communication

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Twitter This Commentary
In The News: The "Twitter Revolution" continues in Iran, but whether there will be regime change remains to be seen. Mousavi, the reform movement candidate says he's willing to be a martyr if necessary, and there are reports of melees in the streets between the police, government agents, and the protesters.
Riot police fired tear gas to break up an opposition rally in Tehran today after around 1,000 demonstrators defied a threat from the Revolutionary Guard to crush any further protests over the disputed presidential election.

Police in helmets and wielding clubs fired at least seven rounds of tear gas and arrested up to 60 people at a rally in Haft-e Tir square, a popular shopping destination in the heart of Tehran, a witness said. [In Full]
You think Iranian women are docile Chador-ed sheep? Here's video of a couple of traditionally garbed Iranian women (Now Iranian Riot Grrrls) in Tehran who KNOW what to do with a dumpster. (and if you think it's all fun and games, at the top of the page to the "Riot police fired tear gas" link above, is video of an Iranian woman dying on the ground after being shot at a demonstration.)

Here's a hot link to Tehran on Twitter. It's a "Hash Tag" search for #IranElection. If you aren't already subscribed... the site will ask you to register. Do it...

In OUR wars, US airstrikes in Waziristan and the surrounding region continues to produce massive amounts of refugees.

Meanwhile: (Three of Da' Buffalo's recent Twitters):Pakistani Taliban defectors (Baetani, Zainuddin): US, Israeli intelligence services funding militants Press-TV (Iran)

...and at home, on the treatment of our own soldiers: V.A. Hospital unit in Philly PA, with virtually no outside scrutiny botched 92 of 116 prostate cancer treatments

A direct attack on our 'secure' airbase Bagram AFB, home to our still operating torture facilities in Afghanistan, kills 2 US soldiers.

The Destroyer USS McCain is tracking a North Korean ship suspected of smuggling arms or weapons materials and the US government hoping to force the ship into port for an inspection. The North Korean government is threatening war.

Meanwhile, 'Wonkette' has a snark's eye view:
An actual Navy destroyer ship called the “USS John McCain” has gone rogue and will soon attack North Korea, to get back at Charlie for good this time. [In Full]
...and at president Obama's home port. Chicago, today will be the kickoff for a program called United We Serve, a program to coordinate the leadership of federal agencies with community leaders. "President Barack Obama is urging people to help in the nation's recovery by volunteering, everything from picking up trash to tutoring." As they say in the music industry, they're going to 'woodshed'. If they can't get it together on the 'tune' nationally.. see this commentary on the state of the US economy, A Snake Eating Its Own Tail, from Jim Kunstler @ Clusterfuck Nation:
June 22, 2009 7:59 AM

I'd like to know what Barack Obama thinks he's doing with the fiasco we call the US economy. He can't pump it back into the credit-fueled freak show it used to be, of course, but he could steer it in a practical new direction. Even people who have lost a lot, and stand to lose more, can be motivated to behave more self-beneficially. The president doesn't have very long before his economic problems become really awful political problems.

The current mass delusion that will go down in history as the "green shoots fugue" can't possibly bring the credit freak show back because the credit -- i.e. money borrowed from the American future -- was swindled away. Something like $14 trillion worth of nominal dollars is being sucked into a cosmic vortex never to be seen again. It was last seen in the spectral forms of so many collateralized debt obligations, credit default swaps, so-called structured investment vehicles and other now-obvious frauds.

That giant sucking sound we hear means the process is still underway, and the "money" disappearing into yawning oblivion will out-pace any effort orchestrated by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury to replace it with new "money" (or credit). Therefore there is no chance between heaven and hell that the pre-2008 suburban homesteading and shopping fiesta can ever come back. The American polity is tapped out in all sectors, personal, corporate, and public.

Notice the two words largely absent from whatever public discussion exists around these matters -- "swindle" and "fraud." The reason they're missing is because if they happened to enter the conversation, something would have to be done about them, [In Full]
[After the news, A little ditty about the 'Iranians'... and their 'Uraniums'... from Robert Lund, followed by a little social commentary about the old wave of 'post-modern' communication tools, Tell-Unh-Vision (Too bad it doesn't 'Tell A Vision'... closer to a recurring phantasm), by Ian Scholls. Courtesy of the respective artists and KVMR radio Nevada City California]

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