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June 18 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Lets Talk 'Selective Mayhem' Ie.Selective War On Specific People

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Cabale News ServiceJune 18 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Lets Talk 'Selective Mayhem' Ie.Selective War On Specific People, While Keeping In Mind The People We've 'Selected' Can Do That Too

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In The News: In Iran today it will be mourning time for the people killed at the 'Democracy' demonstrations in Iran, and if there are more folks killed during the mourning, you're going have the same circumstances that set up what is now known as "Tehran Spring, 1979". But perhaps it's different now... From Alternet"US Neocons Want Ahmadinejad to Win". Also see "The CIA, Iran and the Election Riots", YouTube, 9:28 minutes, using Western media footage to make it's case.

Spring is also worldwide assassination season: In Somalia, the Transitional Federal Government Defense Minister was blown up along with part of the hotel he was staying in as Somalia's "president" says al-Qaida (Meaning the ICU government the CIA tried to overthrow) is behind attack while a right wing leader in Albania has been killed by a bomb. More about this trend towards selective mayhem in the commentary.

The media wants you to know (so you keep believing the US financial system isn't in it death throes)that $68 billion dollars has been repaid so far by US banks and financial institutions bailed out over the last year or so.

Yesterday the president signed onto equal benefits for gay federal employees, but it's a patchwork of allowances because of DOMA, which requires congressional approval for the main issues such as health care for same-sex partners.

President Obama also spoke on (the text of his remarks) the new regulations for financial firms... and the foxes will undoubtedly end up watching over the henhouse.

Two from Da' Buffalo's Tweets: From a basic DoD online anti-terror training program for many employees - "Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorist activity? Correct answer: "protests."

...and from my OMFG! files, AKA stupid international diplomacy tricks: US Envoy to Afghanistan Richard C. Holbrooke to a Pashtun father: “Your daughter is beautiful,”.

Luckily “That’s not my daughter,” was the reply... "...that’s what you should do, tell rural Pashtun men that you’d like to take their daughter for a test drive,"

In regard to the commentary, Word... From Da' Buffalo. It's EASY to find people to do your dirty work for you when a Desperate US Army Recruits Neo-Nazis and other people who LUV to hate (and who, like most of the nutcase 'Right' have no agenda or political belief that isn't purely reactionary behavior or self-serving opportunism making for perfect mindless militarily trained murderers) The US military loosened regulations, issuing "moral waivers" in many cases for these people.

Speaking of Neo-Nazis working for Western governments to sway world events(
"Germany's most notorious postwar neo-Nazi party was led by an intelligence agent working for the British, according to both published and unpublished German sources.

The alleged agent - the late Adolf von Thadden - came closer than anyone to giving the far-right real influence over postwar German politics.

Under his leadership, the National Democratic party (NPD) made a string of impressive showings in regional elections in the late 60s, and there were widespread fears that it would gain representation in the federal parliament.
The question also arises of whether MI6 was seeking help from the neo-Nazi movement when far-left militancy was sweeping Europe after the uprising of May 1968 in Paris." [In Full]

[After the commentary Warren Zevon haunts our conscience with the help of Roland, the headless Thompson gunner. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California Earth.]
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