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June 16 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Travus T. Hipp TeeVee Tip - Watch The US House of Representatives Debate War Spending

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Cabale News ServiceJune 16 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Travus T. Hipp TeeVee Tip - Watch The US House of Representatives Debate The Supplemental War Funding Bill... It Could Be Quite Entertaining To Watch BOTH US Political Parties Engage In A Flaming Funding Cage Match

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In The News: There's going to be a "flaming cage match showdown" on Capitol Hill today over the supplemental spending bill for our Afraqipaki wars today but the Republicans and a number of Democrats have taken issue to number of amendments that are attached (and SOME Democrats like Dennis Kucinich don't want to spend one more penny on the wars) and are stalling the bill's passage The issues are things such as a 1.8 billion dollar payment to the IMF and a federal old car buyback program. The supplemental spending bill may not pass, leaving our boys in the field of fire without bullets (sarcasm... sarcasm!) Sitrep in this morning's commentary.

South Korea's president Lee Myung-bak is in Washington for meetings with president Obama about North Korea and other issues of mutual regional concern, and today the US Navy will begin inspecting North Korean ships... ostensibly for nuclear materials, but the method of inspection is as of yet unknown... The New York Times headline says it quite succinctly "U.S. to Confront, Not Board, North Korean Ships".

Meanwhile, North Korea threatens another type of confrontation. Nuclear war...

The deadline for removal of US troops from Iraqi cities is two weeks away and the commanders on the ground are saying that it's proceeding on schedule.

Anti-war.com, with their take on what 'troop withdrawal' means:
Just last week, within a 48-hour news period, readers were treated to two diametrically opposed headlines, one touting "U.S. Forces Out of Iraqi Cities by June 30," the other, the very next day, "U.S. Wants Sadr City Base Open After Deadline." Both quote U.S. military brass directly, albeit two different generals, but the whipsawing here suggests someone up top is taking it for granted that Americans – particularly that flighty media – aren’t paying much attention to Iraq at all.

So, through the din, lazy heads fix upon the first, less controversial of the two contradictory headlines, which affirms what the president wants to the world to hear: that the U.S. is getting out of Iraqi cities by the end of the month.

Except it isn’t entirely true. For those following bread crumbs like an abandoned Hansel or Gretel, it is difficult not to see that.
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In Iran the protests in regard to the national elections continue. People who live on the main streets in Tehran are leaving their gates ajar to allow demonstrators to escape the militias who have been attacking the demonstrators, of whom a number have been killed by gunfire and many more injured.

OTOH... a militia base was sieged by protestors:...and a number of people have compared current events in Iran with the 1979 "Tehran Spring" revolution, including Pepe Escobar of Asia Times:
The meaning of the Tehran spring
By Pepe Escobar

It is 1979 in Tehran all over again. From Saturday to Sunday, the deafening sound deep in the night across Tehran's rooftops was a roaring, ubiquitous "Allah-u Akbar" (God is great). Then, in 1979, to hail the Islamic revolution; now, in 2009, to signify what appears to be the hijacking of the Islamic revolution. Then, the revolution was not televised; it was via (Ruhollah Khomeini) radio. Now, it is being broadcast all across the world.

Let's cut to the chase: what Iranian presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi qualified as "this dangerous charade" and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "the sweetness of the election", or better yet, a "divine assessment", has all the non-divine markings of intervention by the Iranian Republican Guards Corps (IRGC). This follows President Mahmud Ahmadinejad officially gaining 64% of the vote in defeating Mousavi in what in the days before Friday's vote had widely been called as a very close race.

Scores of protesters equating Ahmadinejad with Augusto Pinochet in 1973's Chile might not be that far off the mark. Call it the ultra-right wing, military dictatorship of the mullahtariat.
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The California legislature is working on a new budget, and it may pass for something resembling 'balanced'... after cutting everything even more than now... Everything but the PRISON BUDGET (By reclassifying 'low-level' felons and more). Nuff said.

Here's something you might want to try... try to wipe out California's $24 billion deficit without wiping out assistance for the poor, crippling education, or raising taxes, at the LA Times Interactive Budget Balancer:C'mon! If you can balance a checkbook (and most US college grads can't, so Da' Buffalo IS assuming alot), you can save the late great state of California.

One last thing to throw on EVERYONE'S economic balance beam in the not-too-distant future... it's Official! The Era Of Cheap Oil Is Over. US DOE predicts a sharp drop in projected world oil output.
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