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20090608 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Congress Is Handing Us The 'Same Old Crap' Peddled By The Same Old Lobbyists - Exhibit A, DiFi

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News Service20090608 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Congress Is Handing Us The 'Same Old Crap' Peddled By The Same Old Lobbyists - Exhibit A, DiFi Buys Into Opposing Card-Check Unions For Workers

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A Synopsis Of Today's News... North Korea has tried two reporters from Al Gore's Current-TV network and sentences them to 12 years in prison for illegal entry and perhaps making statements against the North Korean government. In other developments, the North Koreans also declare the coast off of Pusan a target zone for rocket tests. Secretary of State Clinton says the US is considering putting North Korea back on the "Rogue State" list at the State Department. North Korea replies that they will consider that an 'Act of War'

Our own hired animals: Five US contractors have been arrested in Baghdad by Iraqi police for allegedly stabbing another contractor. This is going to be a test of how much legal control the Iraqis have over foreign 'operators' in their allegedly sovereign country

Two State Department employees who went to Cuba in 1978, were so impressed with Castro's revolution they came back and started spying for Cuba... 'Old School' style. They passed the information by swapping shopping carts at a supermarket and used short wave radios.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's 'Purple Thumb' president and ex-UNOCAL consultant is going to meet with Kyrgyzstani government officials to negotiate on the Pentagon's behalf regarding whether the US is really going to have it's base there closed, which would bring his Westernized regime one step closer to it's end. Kyrgyzstan is a military resupply and spookworld/Waterboarding outpost for the Pentagon and CIA's operations in Central Asia.

Da' Buffalo says lets continue on talking about "The Wars"...

The Privatisation of 'Obama's War': Obama makes his diplomatic moves but the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan grind on using more "contractors than ever
According to new Pentagon statistics, in the second quarter of this year, there has been a 23 percent increase in the number of private security contractors working for the Pentagon in Iraq and a 29 percent hike in Afghanistan. In fact, outside contractors now make up approximately half of our forces fighting in the two countries.

"This means," according to Jeremy Scahill, author of the book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, "there are a whopping 242,647 contractors working on these two U.S. wars."
"What we have seen happen, as a result of this incredible reliance on private military contractors, is that the United States has created a new system for waging war," he said.

By hiring foreign nationals as mercenaries, "You turn the entire world into your recruiting ground. You intricately link corporate profits to an escalation of warfare and make it profitable for companies to participate in your wars. [In Full]

Saturday June 6, 2009: At least 4311 members of the US military have died in the Iraq war since it began in March 2003

Which leads to a local tragedy... The body count of those soldiers who die slower, unsung deaths, continues to rise: Soldier kills himself on West Cliff (a popular surfing spot in Santa Cruz California) unable to control his aggression after two tours in Iraq

My comment @ Abu Muquama's blog... Inhabited by State department types and US military/Pentagon personnel:
I knew this kid... ...and I have an axe to grind into the frontal lobes of the people who planned this travesty of a so-called 'war' based on lies and deception of our own people, the literal MURDER of thousands upon thousands of Iraqis, and the destruction of their society and culture.

Tell your beltway buddies their days are numbered AM.

In a couple of years, if that long, what happened in Washington in the early 70s with millions of people showing up for the Moratoriums, the trashing of the Just-Us department, surrounding of the White House by hundreds of thousands of angry US citizens is going to look like a picnic at the beach.

Soldier who killed himself on West Cliff unable to control his aggression after two tours in Iraq

By Cathy Kelly
Posted: 06/07/2009

SANTA CRUZ -- A soldier who shot himself on West Cliff Drive recently had become unable to control the aggression he felt after serving two tours in Iraq, a friend said.

Roy Brooks Mason, Jr., 28, of Fairfield, was an Army infantryman who had received several medals and once planned to be a career Army officer, said Jay Johnson of Rocklin, a friend of Mason's since childhood.

But his combat experiences changed him and his plans.

Johnson said Mason was due to retire in July, after suffering injuries in two explosions and undergoing treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. Military officials, however, would not confirm Mason was to be discharged.

But Mason would not make it to July.

On May 19, he was reported missing from Fort Carson, Colo. Johnson said Mason rented a car and ended up in Capitola two days later, a place he had loved when he spent a vacation there as a child, Johnson said.

The next day, Mason called emergency dispatchers from a call box on West Cliff Drive near Stockton Avenue in Santa Cruz, saying a dead body could be found in a car parked there. He asked that the scene be cleaned before any children saw it, officials said.

The article, in full

R.I.P Roy Brooks Mason

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