Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ex-Chief Prosecutor At The Hague Says Kosovo Incumbent Prime Minister Implicated In Torture Of Serbs

A good backgrounder on the Kosovo Liberation Army (and it's direct connection to Osama bin-Laden/Al Qaeda) [Here]

That's right... The US just gave an al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist/drug dealing group national recognition.

“Fireworks lit up the night sky over Kosovo’s capital Pristina, where thousands of giddy ethnic Albanians braved subfreezing temperatures to ride on the roofs of their cars, singing patriotic songs and chanting: “KLA! KLA!” the acronym for the now-disbanded rebel Kosovo Liberation Army.
[Source WAS Forbes, SPIKED!... Now HERE]
To put it in terms that most Americans can easily understand, if not easily comprehend:

“During his stint as NATO Supreme Commander (1997-2000), Wesley Clark was in permanent liaison with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). Under Wesley Clark’s command, NATO directly sponsored a terrorist paramilitary army, with links to Al Qaeda and the trans-Balkan narcotics trade.” [source]

...and the pressure is ON!
Switzerland bans Del Ponte book
BELGRADE -- The Swiss Foreign Ministry has prohibited the promotion of Carl Del Ponte’s book “Hunt”. According to the ANSA agency, the former Hague Tribunal ... [Source]

The Ex-Chief Prosecutor of the Hague Tribunal, Carle del Ponte, has published a book in which she reveals that many top leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army,
including the incumbent premier Hashim Tachi

...and (Former PM) Ramush Haradinaj

...were implicated in the torture of Serbs seized during the armed conflict in Kosovo.

After being murdered, the captives' bodies were used as donors to supply transplant organs.

Carle Del Ponte says the revelations are made post factum, because her attempt to launch an inquiry into crimes by Kosovo Liberation Army leaders received no backing [Source]

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