Sunday, March 30, 2008

That Old Time Religion - Police arrest anti-war protester, 80, at mall - Feral Scholar

That Old Time Religion
The Catonsville Nine
(Daniel and Philip Berrigan, other activists, burn draft records in a parking lot with homemade napalm)

Not THIS kind of 'religion':

H/T to Stan Goff, Feral Scholar

Police arrest anti-war protester, 80, at mall

[Hat tip to Jeri Reed]

An 80-year-old church deacon was removed from the Smith Haven Mall yesterday in a wheelchair and arrested by police for refusing to remove a T-shirt protesting the Iraq War.

Police said that Don Zirkel, of Bethpage, was disturbing shoppers at the Lake Grove mall with his T-shirt, which had what they described as “graphic anti-war images.” Zirkel, a deacon at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in Wyandanch, said his shirt had the death tolls of American military personnel and Iraqis - 4,000 and 1 million - and the words “Dead” and “Enough.” The shirt also has three blotches resembling blood splatters.

Police said in a release last night that…

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