Friday, March 28, 2008

Don’t Mess With The Democratic Party - Arresting Officer In Clinton Advisor DUI Case Shipped Off To Iraq… Light Sentencing Neccesary...

The plea deal was reached after the arresting officer was activated by the military and ordered to Iraq, Segal said, adding that without the officer’s testimony a trial would not have been possible.

No… I don’t know if the officer was already Iraq-bound.

From The Daily Muck @ TPM Muckraker:

Sidney Blumenthal, a journalist, former White House adviser to President Clinton, and senior adviser to Hillary Clinton will plead guilty to drunk driving. Blumenthal, who was arrested in N.H. the day before the primary when he was driving 70 mph in a 30 mph zone, might have faced more serious charges but the arresting officer has been shipped off to Iraq and is unavailable to testify at a trial. (AP)

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