Thursday, March 27, 2008

Colombian military says it found uranium linked to FARC - McClatchy

McClatchy Washington Bureau:

Colombian military says it found uranium linked to FARC

Frances Robles Miami Herald

March 26, 2008 10:47:01 PM

Colombian authorities said they seized up to 66 pounds of uranium, linked to the FARC guerrillas, hidden off the side of a road in southern Bogota on Wednesday. The uranium could be used to make so-called 'dirty bombs.''

The Defense Ministry announcement, which hasn't been corroborated by a third party, adds weight to the evidence reportedly found in a laptop computer belonging to rebel leader Ra�l Reyes, killed March 1 when the Colombian military bombed his camp in neighboring Ecuador.

The Colombian government has used details of an alleged deal to buy up to 50 kilograms of uranium at $2.5 million a kilo found in e-mails on Reyes' computer to charge that the FARC was hatching deadly plans from a sanctuary set up in the jungle about one mile from the Colombia-Ecuador border." Source

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