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April 12 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Raised To Marry A Rich White Guy - Ann Romney And The Woman's Role In The New World Order

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Cabale News ServiceApril 12 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Raised To Marry A Rich White Guy - Ann Romney And The Woman's Role In The New World Order

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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...
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[After the commentary Iris DeMent wants a word with you about our "Rich White Guy" nation... Courtesy of the respective artists.]

«o» There will be a thirty three nation "Meeting of the Americas" this week in Colombia but it's unsure whether Hugo Chavez will make it. Chavez is in Cuba for cancer therapy. He's not been looking well and the expectation is he will make some 'final' statement in regard to the revolution he brought to Venezuela.

«o» North Korea has scrubbed today's launch of a multi-stage rocket due to weather but they still have a five day window. Japan and South Korea are claiming they have the right to shoot down any rocket that passes over their territory because any rubble and debris from a failed launch would end up falling in their territory, which sounds like it WOULD BE the epitome of a "stupid nation trick" as all the rubble and debris would be liable to fall on those countries if they shot the rocket down as well, with a MUCH greater degree of certainty. More at Foreign Policy Magazine.

«o» Two more earthquakes, one a six pointer on the Richter scale in the Mexican Gulf of California. Seismologists are saying they aren't connected to the one at Sumatra yesterday but nevertheless mother nature is 'shrugging' a lot and some are saying it's weather related.

«o» Speaking of weather, there's snow on the ground in Tucson Arizona and hail big enough to break windshields, while on the East Coast there's a drought in progress with brush fires to match those dry conditions.

«o» Syrian troops are attempting to maintain a ceasefire but saying they have the right to defend themselves from attacks. The opposition is planning a large rally in Damascus and elsewhere on Friday after prayers and there is continued shelling over the Turkish border. Meanwhile The U.N.'s Ban Ki-moon says the “onus is on Syria” to keep the government’s promise and hold to a cease-fire and stated " may take just a gunshot to derail peace." which means it would be quite easy for the CIA fronted rebels to set the Syrian government up... Expect that. That has been their modus all along. Quote sources, Salon. Sitrep from AlertNet.

In OTHER News:
Fighting in south Yemen kills 50 so-called militants

Associated Press

SANAA, Yemen (AP) -- Yemeni artillery and military aircraft backing pro-government tribesmen pounded al-Qaida fighters trying to battle their way into a strategic town in the country's south on Wednesday, while a suspected U.S. airstrike killed at least 12 militants, officials said.

The fighting near the town of Lawder started over the weekend when al-Qaida attacked an army post, sparking resistance from Yemeni troops and from armed residents.

The military claims that at least 165 militants have been killed in the past three days, including 38 on Wednesday, as al-Qaida continues a costly but determined assault aimed at expanding a swath of the south under their control. The officials said six civilians fighting alongside the army were also killed... [The mayhem, in detail]
Meanwhile, in Africa, the western-interested South Sudan breakaway 'government' is getting thirsty for (oil-rich) territory outside the expectations of their Western backers.
South Sudan troops move into disputed oil town

Associated Press

JUBA, South Sudan (AP) -- After a day of fierce fighting, troops from South Sudan captured an oil-rich border town that is claimed by Sudan, whose troops withdrew under the onslaught, a Sudanese government minister said Wednesday.

The military advance by South Sudan into territory it claims but which is internationally recognized as Sudan's brought swift condemnation from the United States and Britain. Both nations, along with the U.N. Security Council, urged South Sudan to withdraw from the town of Heglig and condemned the bombings of South Sudan territory by Sudan... [More @ AP]
Also See: Sudan: A nation split by oil Farid Omar looks at the geopolitics of Sudan’s recent succession.


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