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March 12 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Daylight Savings Time - We've Been Sold On A 'Time Shift' But Nothing Really Changes

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 12 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Daylight Savings Time - We've Been Sold On A 'Time Shift' But Nothing Really Changes

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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...

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«o» Congress is in recess for a week allowing them to return home and hustle votes for their upcoming election bids. Left hanging... the transportation bill which has been passed by the house and has to be complete by the end of the month. The Senate will probably get to it this week or next.

«o» The fighting over the Gaza strip continues into the fourth week with the Israelis aerially bombing civilian populations and rocket attacks from within Palestinian territory. One hundred people have been killed this week alone. The UN will be holding it's first session in six months soon with the Gaza and Syria situations on the agenda. Meanwhile a Syrian activist has told AlJazeera the divisions among opposition groups were created by foreign countries.

«o» Tomorrow will see a couple of Republican caucuses. Over the weekend Kansas went to Rick Santorum with Mitt Romney taking Guam, the Virgin Islands and the Mariana Islands. If Romney doesn't get two of the three upcoming primaries and caucuses he'll have a hard time at the Republican convention claiming definitive leadership.

«o» In Afghanistan, a first sergeant (initially reported to be a Special Forces operator, but that's being denied by the Pentagon) with four deployments in the country, walked off base in the middle of the night with his weapons... went to a number of local Afghan homes, and massacred sixteen people. Nine were children at one home... killed in their beds, and then the 'soldier' went back to base and turned himself in. The Taliban is vowing revenge and the President has apologized again, while there are now at least fifty congressmembers and senators calling for an immediate or sooner withdrawal from the country.

In OTHER News:

In light of Friday's Cabale News Commentary: Fear... It's What Keeps America Running - Living In Fear For So Long It's An Underlying Attitude, RT via Rick Rozoff @ StopNato
Ever since its creation, the US has had a role to play in combat operations worldwide. Today the country’s public opinion is dominated by warfare, making American society all-too-easily manipulated and turned against practically any country.

The US has a strong record of persuading the public that war is the only way.

A military industrial complex worth billions of dollars is largely America’s driving force. Deeply rooted in the system, it would serve no purpose if there was no one to fight... [In Full]
In LULZNews:
#RobinHood - Sony Music Royalties Donated To Anonymous

Sometime between the Anonymous-led hacks on their networks throughout 2011, the Sony corporation had to find music to use in a commercial for their Vita handheld game console. Naturally, they went with German industrial anarchists Atari Teenage Riot.

Alec Empire, the 39-year-old founder of the prolific and groundbreaking industrial group Atari Teenage Riot, writes in a blog post this week that not only did he get to stick it to one of the biggest corporate names in the entertainment industry, but at the same time he supported the loose-knit hacktivist collective Anonymous.... [In Full @ RT]


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