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November 09 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Beeeeeeep! - Can You Remember CONELRAD? If You Can't Turn On A TV Or Radio At 11AM

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 09 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! - Can You Remember 'CONELRAD'? If You Can't Just Watch TV Or Listen To A Radio At 11 AM This Morning

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[After the commentary Sun Ra and his Celestial Arkestra are talkin' about... Yeah Yeah... Nuclear War...Courtesy of the respectve artists. Gleaned from the Adbusters CD Live Without Dead Time (Torrent)]
«o» In yesterday's mid-term election the San Francisco mayoral race is still hanging fire but the Tea Party and Republicans got stomped in other areas around the nation. The Ohio union busting bill went down by a 2-1 margin. In Mississippi where they were deciding on whether an ovum is a person under law, that item was roundly rejected as well. In Virginia, home to the CIA and many federal and military workers the Republicans did ok, but overall, across the nation the far-out Right wing is going down.

«o» In the wake of the recent reports that Arlington National Cemetery has lost track of any number of soldier's remains, a new report is out claiming that the mortuary crews, the body handlers at Dover Air Force base, have been grossly mishandling our returning soldier's corpses. There have been missing body parts and more.

«o» The Republican presidential debate is going to be broadcast on CNBC and other networks from Oakland Michigan this evening. We'll see how Herman Cain, the 'Pizza King' does now that a 4th woman has claimed he sexually assaulted her.

«o» Daniel Ortega, former leader of the Nicaraguan Sandinistas has been re-elected by an overwhelming majority of his country's citizens

«o» Beep Beep Beep... Today at eleven am this morning there will a thirty second national emergency drill encompassing all broadcast outlets. It will be the first time we will all be reminded simultaneously it could all instantly come to a bright and flashing end.

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