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December 10 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: DeValued Currency - For A Nation That Knows The Value Of Everything... The Worth Of Nothing

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Cabale News ServiceDecember 10 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: America's De-Valued Currency - For A Nation That Knows The Value Of Everything And The Worth Of Nothing

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In The News:
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Capitol Hill is in the midst of an uneasy truce regarding the tax "deal" as Nancy Pelosi refuses to introduce it in the House despite some Democratic darling EARMARKS such as energy credits (Green IS the color of money you know...) Expect more mayhem on Monday as the Republicans continue to stall on everything from the DREAM Act to Don't Ask Don't Tell to the START Treaty. Some Democrats are demanding a change in the Estate Tax. Another potential deal killer.

In OTHER Capitol News:
WASHINGTON – In an effort to end what he called “the bickering and rancor in Washington,” President Barack Obama agreed today to extend Republicans’ custody of his balls for an additional two years...[In Full]

Narcotics agents have raided a number of MediLeaf Marijuana dispensaries and facilities in the San Jose (California) area claiming they are purely for-profit operations.
Hours after Thursday's MediLeaf raids, Jonathan Mitchell, the Livermore owner of New Age Healing Collective, surrendered to Santa Clara County authorities on felony charges of money laundering and possession for sale. He pleaded not guilty and was released on bail...

The raids shook already nervous and angry South Bay medical marijuana supporters, who quickly mobilized to protest, standing outside MediLeaf's shuttered clinics with signs saying "Our meds, our rights" and "Go raid a meth lab." (The consensus here as well//Razer)

Dianne Feinstein... Where DOES she get her money? Apparently not from Native American Casino interests! She seems to be dead set against the instituting of urban Native casinos.


On the topic of Natives Americans... without casinos...

UPDATE: Jury Convicts John Graham of Murder

(Razer Notes: The jury sure didn't deliberate very long considering the case was riding on the testimony of only one person, who is OBVIOUSLY NOT a saint.)
From a lawyer friend who is active in Native justice issues:
This is pretty sad, and shows the length the FBI will go to in order to exact their revenge on those who challenge them - ie, the American Indian Movement and U.S political prisoner Leonard Peltier.
Defense rests quickly in reservation slaying trial

December 8, 2010 12:32 PM

NOMAAN MERCHANT (Associated Press)

RAPID CITY, S.D. - (AP) — The defense for the man accused of shooting an American Indian Movement activist more than three decades ago rested its case on Wednesday without calling any witnesses.

John Graham is charged with shooting Annie Mae Aquash and leaving her to die on South Dakota's Pine Ridge reservation in late 1975. The case has become synonymous with AIM's often-violent clashes with federal agents during the 1970s.

After the prosecution rested its case Tuesday afternoon, Graham's attorney, John Murphy, was expected to begin calling witnesses. But Murphy announced Wednesday that the defense rested. He declined to comment when asked outside the courtroom why he didn't call any witnesses.

Closing arguments in Graham's trial are scheduled for Thursday morning, and the jury will likely begin deliberating Thursday afternoon.

Prosecution witnesses testified over five days that Graham and two other AIM activists, Arlo Looking Cloud and Theda Clark, kidnapped and killed Aquash because they believed she was a government informant. Looking Cloud, who is serving a life sentence for his role in Aquash's death, told jurors this week that he saw Graham shoot her.

Murphy then asked Judge John Delaney to dismiss the charges, arguing that prosecutors hadn't proven enough of their case beyond Looking Cloud's statements. [More @ NewsDay]

[After the commentary, Consensus from Richie Spice... Things Are Getting Harder. Courtesy of the respective artists.]


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