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October 01 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'The Rich Are Different Than Us' - Case In Point... California Candidate Meg Whitman

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 01 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'The Rich Are Different Than Us'... Case In Point, California Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman

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In The News:
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The AfPak front comes apart as US helicopter gunships strafe two Pakistani government border posts. The Pakistanis have officially closed all roads used for NATO re-supply and TWENTY SEVEN NATO trucks were burned. See yesterday's synopsis for information on a bridge blown up by the Pakistani government to keep NATO out of the country, CIA director Panetta's meetings in Islamabad with Pakistan's ISI, and more.

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's "illegal housekeeper problems" are only part of it... The mansion in Atherton (a VERY exclusive Bay Area address) the housekeeper was 'keeping' has been assessed at only twenty percent of it's value after a remodel and Whitman may not have paid the permit fees.

Update October 2 2010:
"...Whitman does have a hypocrisy problem: not only has she campaigned in favor of a tough immigration policy, but she has explicitly argued that employers need to be held accountable if illegal immigration is to be stopped."
"But as Whitman's response has evolved, it's looking like a more serious issue for her campaign. The AP says the gubernatorial race has been "upended." She initially rejected the claims entirely, saying she had no idea Santillan was illegal and denying she or her husband had received the SSA letter. She even offered to take a polygraph—although MSNBC's First Read team points out that "a month out before an election, it is never a good thing for a candidate to declare he/she would be willing to take a lie detector test." Maybe it's a good thing she didn't take a test, because Allred then produced a copy of the letter with a note on it that she said was from Griff Harsh. By Friday morning, Whitman was conceding that the writing was indeed probably Harsh's." [In Full @ NewsWeek, with links]
Meanwhile, for those OTHER, LESS FORTUNATE Californians:
Foreclosure sales soar in California

Foreclosure sales accounted for 43 percent of all property sales in California in the second quarter, the third-highest percentage among all states, according to figures released today by Irvine-based foreclosure analyst RealtyTrac... [More @ McClatchy]
The Post Office has just been turned down for it's requested two cent rate increase. The US Post Office ran a $6.6 billion dollars deficit in 2009.

ObamaCare is in the gunsights of a number of health insurance industry players due to the requirement that for every dollar given to an insurance company for medical care, a full 85% of that HAS TO go to... wait for it... medical care, with only 15% left for administration and other purposes. It is said McDonalds burgers has threatened to drop it's 'mini' health care plan for thirty thousand paycheck workers over this but the company denies the allegation.

Senator Harry Reed has cut a deal with the Senate Republicans which will allow for 54 of 110 nominees to federal posts to be passed by "unanimous consent". The deal also forces the senate to have pro forma meetings once a week as long as bills are hanging fire in the Senate. That means the President won't have the opportunity to make recess appointments

A University of California Santa Cruz astronomer and colleague in Philadelphia have discovered a new planet next door, 20 light years away.... It has five times the mass of Earth, and it doesn't rotate. Details.

White house Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is stepping down today and will be replaced by Obama confidante and former Senate Chief of Staff Pete Rouse.

Now, let's take a look back at our Iraq War... Remember the Iraq War?

A month ago, as the last OFFICIAL combat troops left the country, Jim Moss asked:
As Troops Leave Iraq, Why Is Obama Sounding Like A Neocon?

Jim Moss

Wednesday September 1, 2010

President Obama is looking about ten years older than candidate Obama did – and about ten light years further to the right. In last night’s speech from the Oval Office, when he talked about Iraq, it was as if Obama was accidentally reading one of George Bush’s old speeches... [In Full @ Firedoglake]
Could it be insensitivity to the mayhem they wreak on their invaded national prey in the name of U.S. "National Interest" and "National Security"?
Insurgent Group in Iraq, Declared Tamed, Roars
Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia’s turnaround is a puzzle that has some wondering if it can be defeated.

BAQUBA, Iraq — This spring, United States military commanders said that Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia was a group in disarray, all but finished as a formidable enemy after American and Iraqi troops had killed or captured more than three-quarters of its leaders.

But even as officials in the United States and Iraq made public pronouncements that reveled in Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia’s demise, the Sunni insurgent group vowed “dark days colored in blood.”

This summer, as if to make good on its pledge, Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia embarked on a wave of terror that managed to shake even an Iraqi public inured to violence: during the past two months, Iraq has witnessed some of its highest casualty tolls in more than two years, according to the government... [More @ the New York Times]


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