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July 26 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Pentagon Papers Redux, Or How Things Come Apart For Imperial America - Afghanistan Edition

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJuly 26 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Pentagon Papers Redux, Or How Things Come Apart For Imperial America - Afghanistan Edition

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In The News:
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The Pentagon Papers of the new Millennium - 90,000 pages of field reports and other intel from the last 6 years of the Afghanistan war has been "Wiki Leaked", and it's great reading... Some details. Notable information released includes facts like our drones just "aren't all that" (and they cost A LOT!).

Meanwhile, the House is getting ready to vote on the $33 Billion dollar Afghanistan/Iraq War Supplemental Spending bill as everyone else in the the world reads the Wikileaks papers documenting the Afghanistan war, lost before it ever started.

Washington DC, almost at the bottom of the list when it comes to educational ratings, has purged it's public skools with 471 'teachers' fired and another 200 on notice due to low performance and other issues.

Five American troops were killed in Afghanistan over the weekend and two naval personnel most likely SEALS were kidnapped from a civilian car. One was killed in the ensuing firefight.

There are 99 days left until the November elections and the chips are all up in the air as Congress goes on summer vacation.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has welcomed back the deported suburban spies, has assured them they are heroes, sang patriotic songs with them... more.

In OTHER News:

In the Gulf of Mexico... BAD News... Matt Simmons, investment banker and advisor to the oil industry was right. The repair for BP's oil 'leak' in the Gulf of Mexico is having... umn... unintended (though personally, expected) consequences.

Have you ever tried putting a new muffler on an old exhaust pipe?

The second you try flaring the old pipe, it starts to split due to aging and metal fatigue...
"St. Petersburg, Fla. - Through a chemical fingerprinting process, University of South Florida researchers have definitively linked clouds of underwater oil in the northern Gulf of Mexico to BP's runaway Deepwater Horizon well — the first direct scientific link between the subsurface oil clouds commonly known as "plumes" and the BP oil spill, USF officials said Friday." [In Full]
The whole substructure feeding the pipe is rotted, and the more they do to stop the flow from the pipe, the more the rest of the infrastructure will fail.

Which leads to a discussion of "American Psychosis... Chris Hedges @ Adbusters, the journal of the mental environment:

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Finally, and definitely in line with a discussion of "American Psychosis"... from the drug and immigration wars on the Southern U.S. border, monsters stalk the desert at night!
America Invaded by Ranch-Stealing Drug-Dealing Chupacabras

Tea Baggers and Minutemen and other members of the America’s defense against surly busboys and kindly abuelitas have got their britches in a bunch because some nitwit San Diego housewife who thinks she’s Orianna Fallaci wrote in one of those fake online newspapers that Texas has been invaded and is being taken over Mexirican drug gangbanger goat-vampires.

Normally, most non-Texan Americans would be all , “Meh. Let them have it. Except for Austin. Or fucking secede already. Whatever” but Kimberly Dvorak is very adamant, you guys. This is serious... [In Full]

[After the commentary, an overview of the recent past in US history... In other words, how we got here, from there. Brought to you by Brother Gil Scott-Heron, Minister of Information.]


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