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April 29 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Still Charging For The Donut - The Red Cross Loots The Haiti Relief Fund

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Cabale News ServiceApril 29 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Still Charging For The Donut - The Red Cross Loots The Haiti Relief Fund And All I Got Was This Lousy Cup Of Coffee

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In The News:
It's election year for congress with four weeks left before summer recess and everyone wants to get to campaigning so the Republicans UNANIMOUSLY cave in and allow the debate on the finance reform bill to continue.

PhotobucketThe Secretary of Energy has decided to permit wind farms off the coast of Massachusetts... Nice view from the beach at Cape Cod and other "playgrounds of the rich and democratic". On land, wind farms lead to massive increases in truck traffic to maintain these high tech, precision machines and we may expect the same increase in marine traffic, pollution, and massive destruction of fish and sea birds in the area.

More on so-called 'Alternative' energy production @ Auntie Imperial's News & Blog Review:
It's Different, But Not A Lot, In The 21st Century - 'Owens Valley Water Wars' Redux

The British elections happen next Wednesday and tonight is the final debate on economic policy. The buzz right now is all about Labor leader Gordon Brown's gaffe' He was being addressed by a woman spouting racist crap about immigration laws and he called her a bigot.

The Taliban leader in Pakistan Hakimullah Mahsud is not dead after all, and is apparently back in Waziristan. It begs the question who DID get killed in the raid that supposedly killed him.

Burning Rig 1The Gulf oil leak... Two more leaks have been discovered and the spill is at least 5 times as large as previously estimated with leakage now totaling 210,000 barrels a day (or one Exxon Valdez every 2 months, with an estimated repair time of three months). They will only be able to burn off about 3 percent of the slick as shrimping and oyster season opens. Expect economic disaster. There's more on this slow motion ongoing disaster for the Southern Coastal US @ Foreign Policy Magazine

In light of the commentary... Haiti in crisis... A street-eye view, from Squatter City:
Haiti Streets (Squatter City)As this New York Times article makes clear, many who were previously not squatters now are and will be for for the foreseeable future in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince.

And its not just residents like Ginette Lemazor and her family, who, the article notes, live "in a flimsy structure fashioned from plastic sheeting and salvaged wood. They have a bed — “Please, make yourself at home,” she said, pointing to it — and a chair." Schools are operating under tarps. Impromptu latrines are so full that people are invading half-wrecked houses to use their toilets. And one thought unites everyone: the government doesn't communicate (except to falsely promise supplies) and is doing nothing. Indeed, in a recent interview, President René Préval, rather than speaking about rebuilding, promised there would be more earthquakes. In Full

...and finally, in Santa Cruz California local news... Due to the expansion of the Wednesday Downtown Santa Cruz Farmers Market, the traditional drum circle has been forced to moved away from it's spot as of last week to avoid confrontation with the police and market. The location picked is a parking lot across the street, nearer the street and away from the market.

Yesterday, a police supervisor stopped by to discuss noise complaints numbering 12 (but perhaps 12 calls by one or two businesses).

The compromise offered by the city and police... "Move away from here" (If this sounds familiar, it's the same rejoinder used by the White settlers in discussion with the Native Americans. Paraphrased by a native as "We move and we move, but you (the settlers) continue to say "You are too close, move farther away".

The police supervisor suggested "The Beach", or a local park that has been a source of noise complaints for 30 years even when children play, due to senior citizen housing across the street, or at the town clock... In the middle of the heaviest vehicular traffic part of Santa Cruz.

None of these sites are acceptable. An unofficial counter-offer was made offering time constraints... No response from the police supervisor who undoubtedly is promulgating an ultimatum as compromise.

The Drummers will be at the same site next week despite the possibility of police action.

This is a shout out to ALL Santa Cruz locals, including Santa Cruz Veterans recently displaced from their county usurped and operated meeting hall under spurious and suspicious circumstances. Y' all come on down to the Farmers Market next Wednesday for donuts and coffee, music and merriment. Bring a drum, bang a gong. Let's get it on!


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