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December 22 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Give Socks' - Dwelling On The Essence Of 'Christmas Past'

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Cabale News ServiceDecember 22 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Give Socks' - Dwelling On The Essence Of 'Christmas Past'

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In The News: The 'real' Health Care Reform bill has been revealed and has passed cloture 60-40... along 'Party Lines'. More.

But for the Southern US, and many other places across America, there's no 'party' yet, as US citizens accept medical assistance from the most "unlikely" (by current US foreign policy/media-driven standards) places.

Iran engages in medical 'diplomacy' a la the "Cuban Model"
The Sunday Times (online.uk)
December 20, 2009
Deep South calls in Iran to cure its health blues
In ground-breaking project, one of America’s poorest communities is turning to the Middle East to try to resolve its crisis

AS Marie Pryor shuffles along a Mississippi roadside collecting discarded drink cans to sell for a few cents, her breath comes in short puffs caused by a congenital heart defect. The same condition caused her granddaughter’s death earlier this year.

The last place on earth she would look for help is Iran, a country widely regarded in America as the enemy. The US and Iran have not had diplomatic relations for 30 years and the two governments trade daily insults over Iran’s nuclear programme. Last week Tehran charged three American hikers with espionage after they apparently strayed across the border.

But with Congress acrimoniously debating the reform of healthcare, it is to Iran that one of America’s poorest communities is turning to try to resolve its own health crisis...[In Full]
As a news hound it nice to know one needs to peruse foreign newspapers to find out how desperate the state of health care is in one's own country

At this juncture, Da Buffalo feels it necessary to give equal time to the "Israeli model" (July 24 2009) of medical concern for the citizens of the world...
"The FBI money-laundering and corruption dragnet in New Jersey yesterday garnered 44 perps including a couple of Rabbis who were peddling black market human kidneys at $160,000 each. See: "'Breathtakingly stupid' defines the 44 caught in the N.J. corruption sting" (Source: NJ.com, July 23, 2009)
Also see this currently breaking story for more on the Israeli global medical assistance plan: "Israel admits to organ harvesting" (Source: Canoe.ca, December 20, 2009)

The Defense Authorization bill has been signed by president Obama with a 3.6% pay increase for America's Imperial military, $128 billion to fund the AfPak and Iraq wars and a TWO MONTH unemployment benefits extension for the 'rest of us'.

Here's a list of some 'pigs with lipstick' (ie: Pretty, but still PORK) from my favorite 'hawk', Tom Ricks, ex-war reporter for the WaPo at 'The Best Defense' CNAS (Neoliberal think tank) blog: Defense spending: I'm a hawk, but give me a break

Have you ever been stuck on a runway in an airliner? The US Department of Transportation has passed a rule stating if an airline sticks you on the runway for more than three hours the airline will be fined $37,000 and after 1 hour they must feed you (if you can stomach airline food).

..and don't forget to follow all other airline rules kiddies!

More transportation nightmares, EU edition: The London/Paris/Brussels 'Chunnel' has reopened after shutting down for three days due to the fact that French snow was so fine that it got into the air intake system of the Chunnel's EuroStar trains and damaged them. 90,000 commuters found themselves unable to go to work for those three days. The Chunnel has re-opened but the transportation mayhem will continue as the trains STILL aren't running with passengers . Passenger transport has been indefinitely suspended.

One pithy comment from a British newspaper:
Re Eurostar Back On Track Starting Tuesday (online, Dec. 21): An old British Rail explanation for winter train delays was that they received the "wrong kind of snow." I await the official explanation for a series of breakdowns that stranded 2,000 passengers aboard five trains inside the Channel Tunnel. Was it too dark or warm and humid inside? Did someone forget to shake the snow off his boots before tracking inside? [In Full]
According to the Wall Street Journal, service was scheduled to return to 2/3 capacity today, but no solid evidence of that has been reported so far, and this: "Currently all service is suspended on the Channel Tunnel with hopes to be back up and running within days." was reported at 2pm Pacific Standard Time Tuesday @ BlackBook.

...And finally, Da' Buffalo's Spiritual and Social Hero of the day:
Poor people who are desperate (the headline says "for cash" although that IS NOT mentioned by the good priest... Freudian headline writing by an overworked underpaid newswriter?) have been advised to go forth and shoplift from major stores - by an Anglican priest.

The Rev Tim Jones said in his Sunday sermon that stealing from successful shops was preferable to burglary, robbery or prostitution.

He told parishioners it would not break the eighth commandment 'thou shalt not steal' because it 'is permissible for those who are in desperate situations to take food that they might not starve'.

But his advice was roundly condemned by police and the local Tory MP.

Father Jones, 42, was discussing Mary and the birth of Jesus when he went on to the subject of how poor and vulnerable people cope in the run-up to Christmas. [In Full]

[After the commentary Gayla Peevey (See here) and Roy Zimmerman (who does "Funny Songs About Ignorance, War and Greed") have two very different requests for Santa Claus this year. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California Earth.]


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