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October 19 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: You Might Call It The End Of The Age Of Ignorance - The End Of The War On Medical Marijuana

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceOctober 19 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: You Might Call It 'The End Of The Age Of Ignorance' - The US Attorney General Informs The Troops They Have Been Relieved Of The Responsibility For Enforcing Marijuana Laws Against Medical Users And Their Providers

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In The News: The beginning of the end... The federal prohibition era of Marijuana laws may be gone within the year. The Obama administration has issued guidelines and the word is Federal Drug Agents have OTHER things to do besides hassle medical marijuana users AND the providers. There ARE guidelines but the criminal era seems to be over. More in the Commentary.

Works well for US! In the AfPakistan War... The Afghanistan election report is out and the indeed, the election was as crooked as dog's hind leg. The Karzai 'government' is going to hang tough with Senator Kerry and others in the mix trying to negotiate a new 'election'. But once the winter comes, two thirds of the country is impassable even IF no one's shooting at you, and in the just-past tainted election during good weather, the ballot boxes were brought from the hinterlands on muleback etc. New elections are not liable to happen anytime soon, even if the citizens of Afghanistan were willing to risk their lives again.

THe H1N1 Swine Flu virus has taken 86 lives so far.

Bad news for Iran (and food for thought for the paranoid: "how deep is the CIA's influence on these insurgent groups?") - Six top leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have been killed along with 29 other people in Iranian Baluchistan (Balochistan)by Pakistan based Iranian rebels. More from Juan Cole at Informed Comment:
Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps personnel who traveled to the town of Sarbaz, district Pishin in the southeastern province of Sistan and Baluchistan fell victim Sunday morning to two bombing attacks carried out by the dissident Baluchi group Jundullah. Altogether the death toll in the attacks is about 29 as I write and it is expected to rise.

Iran, a country of 70 million, has 30 provinces. Some 90 percent of Iranians are thought to be Shiite Muslims, and some 51 percent speak Persian as their mother tongue. Baluchis are Sunnis and speak another Iranian language, Baluch, and there are substantial discontents in that province with the rule of the Persian Shiites. The province is vast geographically, but small with regard to population-- a little over 2 million. It is among the poorest provinces in Iran and the most neglected by Iran's authorities. It has been harmed by the spill-over of ethnic violence from Pakistan and Afghanistan, by the drug trade, and by religious radicalization. The mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Shaikh Muhammad, is a Baluch from Pakistan brought up in Kuwait, and he is alleged to have had ties to radical Sunni Baluch groups, some of which later congealed into Jundullah. [In Full]

In Waziristan, 10,000 Pakistani troops are in the middle of an offensive sweeping north with another group to the North sweeping South. The end result? Thousands of refugees fleeing. Many of who will head for the cities, and they ARE NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY about it, and Pakistan just got a little more destabilized. Juan Cole with more:
Dawn reports on the Pakistan military's advance into South Waziristan on the campaign's second day.

I picked out some worrisome parts of this report which are mentioned but not highlighted:

# South Waziristan's population is 600,000; the campaign has already displaced 100,000 of them.

# Afghan Taliban commander Mullah Sangin has brought in 1,500 Afghan Pashtun fighters to support the Pakistani Taliban Movement in South Waziristan.

# Azam Tariq, spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban Movement, said that militants’ supporters from Muslim seminaries in Punjab, Sindh and the North-West Frontier Province were in touch with the Taliban and were coming to the battle zone through various routes.

(In support of this last point, police teams intensively investigated seminaries or madrasahs in the capital of Islamabad and some other areas on Sunday.)

Pakistan may even have to close its schools for a week because they have been threatened by the Taliban.

In other words, this military campaign is not just a matter of troops versus guerrillas. It is becoming a rallying point for Muslim radicals, with volunteers coming in from Afghanistan and others from madrasahs from all over Pakistan-- and with Pakistan's own security hanging in the balance. [In Full]

The 300th launch of an Atlas rocket, a vehicle rolled out in 1958 for use with ICBM nuclear weapons, has been completed... ...The payload was a weather satellite.

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