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September 18 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: There Will Be Dancing In The Streets Of Lithuania And We're All A Little Less Vunerable

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 18 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Taking A Look At The Overall 'Forest' Despite The 'Trees' - There Will Be Dancing In The Streets Of Lithuania And We're All A Little Less Vunerable To 'Idiot Attacks'

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In The News: Not only is the Obama administration NOT going ahead with the Reagan era Eastern European "missile shield", due to it's cancellation the Russians say they won't put theirs on the Polish and Lithuanian borders either. There is also some talk of military linkage between the superpowers and NATO. ...Not sure that's GOOD news for the underdeveloped and third world nations. Let me know when their respective Foreign Aid agencies develop cooperation pacts and NATO is dissolved as no longer meaningful, which it already isn't, and finds itself continually redefining it's 'mission'.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown is going to "downgrade" the "credit writing ratings" of the biggies in the credit rating game such as Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors that set the stage for the state's mortgage nightmare with worthless ratings for companies writing NINJA mortgages and such. The subpoenas have been issued.

Soda... The "new tobacco": Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom has stated he will attempt to put a tax on soda in an effort to curb obesity in the city.

The 'right side' in the US House of Representatives is attacking the ACORN community organization for alleged embezzlement, tax avoidance among other issues. This is NOT a nationwide organizational problem... most likely attributable to a few people or chapters, but the Right is in a frenzy over this Saul Alinsky style community self-service organization. That means ACORN MUST be doing something right...

Six Italian soldiers were killed in a Kabul Afghanistan car bombing yesterday... The Berlusconi government, who had already pulled it's troops out of the field and into the relative 'safety' of Kabul may now be under intense pressure to get out... ALL the way out, of Italy's involvement in the country.

In OTHER news... A Top U.S. anti-drug official was a ’secret ally of drug lords’, sold out informants, and ran Panamanian cocaine to Spain, ..."a massive cocaine shipment to Spain..." via US ports.

More mayhem... Pakistan’s former chief of army staff tells a Saudi newspaper Blackwater was directly involved in the Benazir Bhutto and Lebanese PM Hariri assassinations.

One more item... Thirty nine years ago today, one of the brightest lights to ever shine on Rock and Roll rocked on down the road...

Jimi Hendrix R.I.P. 9/18/70

After the commentary, from Da' Buffalo's personal collection, Randy California, lead guitarist from Spirit, and another star now shining down from the heavens, recalls how he got his name after Hendrix left the Isley Brothers to form "Jimmy James and the Blue Flames" and tapped him as guitar player. Some biographic sources claim California was supposed to be in "The Experience" but his mother felt he was too young to tour (he must have been 14, 15, perhaps 16 at the time) and nixed it. His father, Ed Cassidy, who was playing drums with Art Pepper's jazz band, saw how depressed his son was over the matter and between them formed "Spirit", another of the greatest "Psychedelic" (and so much more...) bands of the 60s. The song's name is "Jimi's Back", from the album "Blues From The Soul" (2003).

Anyway, let Randy tell the story...

More about the band Spirit from Wikipedia.

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