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July 20 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: (From the archives) Hang On Occifer... I Need To Make An Important Phone Call

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJuly 20 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: (From the archives) Hang On Occifer... I Need To Make An Important Phone Call - Why Is The State Of Nevada Wasting Their Time Trying To Bust Me For STATE LEGAL Medical Marijuana This Morning?

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In The News: Travus has the day off to do battle in court with the state of Nevada over his Medical Marijuana arrest last October 30.

I have re-edited his commentary-while-in-custody from that morning and re-posted it.

The re-edited commentary opens with a short audio clip from the time machine... courtesy of CBSNews and KVMR radio.
Walter Cronkite, CBSNews, announcing the death of John F. Kennedy.

This morning's posting is dedicated to Walter Cronkite... One of the last honest TV newsmen.

To wit...

Witness a very young Dan Rather getting thugged on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, 1968.
If I recall correctly, Rather was attempting to interview a delegate from Julian Bond's breakaway Georgia delegation who were about to be forcibly removed from the hall by the Andy Frain security company. (Embedding of these short historical clips has been disabled @ YouTube... Click the links for video... combined, approximately 1:30 minutes)

Walter Cronkite has the last word... "I think we've got a bunch of thugs here Dan..."

Walter Cronkite on our war on Vietnam, after the 1968 NLF/NVA Tet Offensive.

More currently... James Kunstler, Clusterfuck nation, on Walter Cronkite, Obama's similarity (or not) to the USSR's Gorbachev who 'oversaw' the collapse of the Soviet economy... THEIR worthless wars also played a major part in that collapse.
Is Obama Gorbachev?
By James Howard Kunstler
on July 20, 2009 6:47 AM

The eulogy for Walter Cronkite as "the most trusted man in America" on the CBS "Sixty Minutes" show said a lot about the condition of this nation -- though it did not signify what CBS thought it did. It wasn't about the death of one hugely esteemed individual; it was about the broad institutional failure of TV news in general and the current grievous loss of legitimacy and authority in shaping a national consensus of reality. Watching the old clips of Cronkite delivering the evening news years ago, one couldn't help weighing the contrast with the current spectacle of snide, combative, overbearing idiocy acted out nightly by the likes of Kudlow, Olberman, Kneale, O'Reilly, Matthews, and Dobbs as they shout down their invited guest commentators, pander to their demographic, and diss their rivals for ratings.

It was instructive to notice that the program following "Sixty Minutes" -- in the supreme weekly slot of 8p.m. Sunday -- was a childish and stupid "reality" show called "Big Brother." This said even more about the craven quality of the people currently running CBS. It was also a useful lesson in the diminishing returns of technology as applied to television, since it should now be obvious that the expansion of cable broadcasting since the heyday of the "big three" networks has led only to the mass replication of video garbage rather than a banquet of culture, as first touted.

It should remind us more generally that when a society's operations become broadly fraudulent and unreal, authority and legitimacy wither. This is analogous to the position Barack Obama now finds himself in. He was elected as the politician most trusted in America to change the fraudulent and unreal operations of the US government. Don't bother protesting that all politics is necessarily unreal and fraudulent. If it were so, you'd have to argue that the US Constitution was wholly a fraud, as well as Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton and the rest. It only has strong tendencies in that direction. (The Declaration of Independence was itself a direct strike against the fraud and unreality of British royal governance in America.)

As president, Barack Obama is faced with the essential fraudulence and unreality of the US economy. Notice that, as ominous as they are, the wars in iraq and Afghanistan have generated only minimal protest so far in the early Obama period, despite the fact that they are not operationally different from their conduct under Bush. There is no protest because, for now, a consensus exists that our troops are in these places for perceived reasons -- to keep Mideast oil supply lines open... to keep Islamic maniacs busy in their own backyard instead of on US territory... to keep Iran in a vise... to maintain the American "empire" (take your pick). There's something there to appeal to a broad majority of US voters. Unlike Vietnam, Iraq and Afstan are not perceived as out-and-out frauds.

But the economy is... [In Full]
Kunstler mentions Dmitry Orlov @ ClubOrlov in the course of the rest of his commentary.

I HIGHLY recommend perusing this posting, Closing the 'Collapse Gap', by Mr. Orlov at wherein he compares the collapse of the Socialist Soviet economy with what is likely to occur in America under the same circumstances

Here are some visual points of comparison...

Read the post @ Energy Bulletin for his elucidations.

...and readers, if you don't think we're rapidly approaching that juncture, this notice was recently posted at the Santa Cruz California Resource Center For The Homeless... (Click the image for a copy of the full notice.)

A nation whose media recently bragged about putting men on the Moon 40 years ago is not even capable of feeding it's homeless without having them pay, as California reaches almost 12 percent unemployment and the national unemployment rate approaches or has exceeded 10 percent of it's employable population.

[The 'Mood Music' after the commentary courtesy of John Hartford and the Dillards, KPIG radio Freedom California, and is solely due to the moral, ethical, and constitutional irresponsibility of the State Of Nevada USA.]
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