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July 06 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary

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In The News: First of all, there is no news or commentary today... Travus is taking the day off. HOWEVER, there IS a Friday, July 03 2009 edition of Travus T. Hipp's Morning News & Commentary.

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It's here [On 'The Founding Fathers' And Their Foibles - The Problem With Fame And Success Is By The Time You Achieve It... You're Old!], with an explanation for the delay..

I've excepted an article from ISN Security Watch on the State of Haiti this morning... Little spoken of in the US press because the nightmare that Haiti has become is almost SOLEY the responsiblility of US foreign policy and a US instigated coup a few years back (in a manner similar to the just failed, or soon to fail, attempt in Honduras.)

Here's what Stan Goff, EX-Special Forces, involved militarily in the coup, had to say about his involvement a while back:
In 1994, when my last Special Forces team, Operational Detachment Alpha 354, entered the Haitian city of Gonaives, I along with three members of that detachment waded through a huge and agitated crowd to encounter four soldiers and two plainclothes death squad members about to fire into that crowd with M-1 Garands. They were surprised to see us, and we took advantage of that surprise to compel them to lay their weapons down and submit to arrest. One of the plainclothes gents hesitated to relinquish his weapon, and I came very near shooting him. I’m only being honest - knowing this will put some people off - when I say that I now wish I had gone ahead and pulled the trigger. [In Full]
ISN Security Watch, "Haiti’s Annus Horribilus":
Haiti has long been considered the Western Hemisphere`s premier basket case. Yet there was a hint of progress in recent years. Gang violence was receding along with kidnappings and robberies. A poverty reduction strategy to fight abysmal living conditions had earned the approval of IMF and World Bank decision-makers.

Then 2008 brought one disaster after another.

A worldwide spike in rice and corn prices led many import-dependent Haitians to riot, forcing the sacking of then-Prime Minister Jacques-Edouard Alexis in April that year and leading the government to virtually shut down for several months.
A foreign donors meeting was cancelled and four consecutive hurricanes in August and September killed 800 people, left $1 billion in damages and further paralyzed the economy.

The global economic slowdown curbed the flow of remittance money from abroad – a crucial income source for many of Haiti’s nine million residents. In sum, World Bank President Robert Zoellick said Haiti had reached a tipping point.

Elections and unrest

Haiti’s latest imbroglio concerns a legislative plan to raise the daily minimum wage from US $1.70 to $4.90. Business owners balked, leading Preval to seek a compromise.

Hundreds of students, already angered by cuts to medical school classes, have protested in response amidst gunfire and tear gas. Many also want an immediate end to the 9,000-strong MINUSTAH mission.

Also contentious was June’s second round of voting to fill 11 vacancies in the 30-seat Senate following April’s initial election – itself delayed by 18 months. Lespwa won five of the seats, meaning Preval now has further support for his economic plans and planned reforms to Haiti’s constitution that would strengthen presidential powers and streamline the election process in the name of better governance. [In Full]

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